Famous Twilight Inn Catches Fire, Portland Vampires Celebrate

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on July 18, 2011 at 2:24 pm

Twilight fans, you’re not gonna like this news: the View Point Inn in Portland, Oregon, where scenes from the movie were filmed, has been nearly destroyed due to a fire.

The hotel is just 87 years old, but has been notoriously criticized for its crappy accommodations, including leaky roofs. The outbreak of the most recent fire happened due to chimney particles settling on the roof, causing damage to the roof, attic, and third floor, as well as smoke and water damage to the lower levels.

This brings to mind the Twilight book-burning session held in Portland awhile ago, carried out by angry real-life vampires “taking a stand against the racist stereotyping of Stephanie Meyers and her horribly written Twilight books” because “vampires are supposed to be blood-soaked, monsters of midnight and shouldn’t look like somebody who’s opening up for The Cure.”

Image: Ezyan Y./Flickr

Well said, theatrical man of the night. Well said. Although we do not support the burning of books by any means, no matter how awful they are, we agree that Twilight has tainted the reputation of blood-sucking demons everywhere.

Nobody seems to know whether or not the inn will be reopening, but the website is taking donations and the pictures show some pretty bad damage. We can’t help but think an angry anti-Twilight person set fire to the place in hopes of killing any vampires left inside…but no one yet has come forward.

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