Newest “Offense” To Get You Kicked Off A Plane – Taking A Picture

Travel News — By Carlo Alcos on July 21, 2011 at 10:46 am

There’s two sides to every story, right? There certainly is in this case. This post at reads like a teenage catfight. Apparently, passenger and photographer Sandy DeWitt was kicked off a US Airways flight in Philadelphia for being “disruptive.” At least that’s what the airline is saying.
Image: Max Klingensmith/Flickr

DeWitt has a different story. She says that after witnessing flight attendant, Tonialla G., being rude to passengers in the boarding area, she took a photo of her nametag with her iPhone to report her later. The photo was too dark to use, but that hardly mattered. Once DeWitt was seated, Tonialla G. boarded the plane and asked DeWitt to delete the photo. After hesitating, she finally complied and deleted it.

Toniella G. reported DeWitt to the captain, claiming she was a security risk. DeWitt was then escorted off the plane. US Airways spokesperson, Todd Lehmacher, said:

Once onboard, she was using foul and explicit language. She was removed at the request of the captain.

Lehmacher was unable to confirm anything about the photo incident or what was specifically said by DeWitt. The post also reports that DeWitt has not responded to any queries regarding the story.

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