Plenty of Hotels Offer Rental Bikes; Now, Skateboards

Active/Outdoors, Travel News — By christinegarvin on August 4, 2011 at 4:17 pm

Finally, we don’t have to use those pesky bikes to get around on vacation anymore.

Well, at least when we’re staying at the Nolitan in NYC.

The new “luxury boutique hotel”, which opened mid-July in the Nolita neighborhood of Manhattan (that’s ‘North of Little Italy’ for those keeping up with the latest neighborhood abbreviations), decided to introduce a different way to get around outside their trendy digs. Yep, alongside the “cheap minibars!” and “yoga mats!” the Nolitan is offering free skateboards to its guests, complete with their logo imprinted on the bottom of the boards.

Image: HotelChatter

We’re sure neighborhood locals will be charmed by mid-Westerners whizzing by (and falling off) either large or small skateboards – because of course they will be offering both sizes.

But can this beat Extreme Hotels Cabarete’s below ground beach front skate ramp at their Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic location? Or what about the skateboarding-themed room at the Casa Del Camino Hotel in Laguna Beach, CA? Yep, sports apparel company etnies designed this “exclusive” room, which includes a “Skate Free Mini Bar” that contains four skateboards for guests to borrow. (Both shown below)

At an introductory rate of $259 a night, you still have to be a moderately well-to-do hipster to crash at the Nolitan and hang out with the rest of the trendy neighborhood folks. But at least you can save some money on transport, right?

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