Twenty-five Percent of California State Parks Set to Close

Travel News — By Alex Resnik on August 5, 2011 at 10:56 am

We here at NileGuide HQ like to think of ourselves as the outdoorsy type. We are, after all, Northern California natives who jump at every opportunity to get out into the wild. With all of our region’s rich natural diversity, there’s no telling where you might find us next.

Maybe we’re camping at nearby Samuel P. Taylor or China Camp State Park— huh, what’s that? They’re closing due to budget cuts? Oh, well yes times have been tough but that’s kind of a bummer. Ok well then maybe we’re soaking in some rays at Tomales Bay or Shasta— no… not those too! Surely, we can cut our losses with a hike at Henry Coe State— no, for the love of God, not Henry Coe!

Image: mikebaird/Flickr

Yes, times are seriously tough for California’s state parks: if you don’t believe us just look at Treehugger’s list of 100+ state parks facing closure. Most of them are in California, which has proposed closing 25% of its state parks, but we’re not alone — Arizona and Oklahoma have already seen parks close, though local communities have saved many from the chopping block.

So if you’re planning a trip to California next year and (duh, like most people who visit California) want to indulge in some natural exploration, make sure your intended destination will still be open. It’s not too late, however, to help California’s parks slip the ax, which is currently set to fall at the beginning of 2012. Hook up with some of the folks trying to keep all of our parks open for business, or sign a petition to save them.

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