Delta: The Airline with the Most Holiday Spirit

Travel News — By Candice Walsh on December 1, 2011 at 10:19 am

With soaring flight costs and looming threats of cancellations due to weather-bombs and the general mayhem of holiday travel, at least one airline is doing something to make life a little easier. Yes, Delta will happily carry your Christmas tree on board their planes.

Okay, so we’re not totally sure why you’d want to do this in the first place. Does the tree has historical significance? Is it a family heirloom? Did you buy it on a whim while visiting some friends halfway across the country, and then became flabbergasted over how you could even transport the tree to its new home? We’re not judging or anything, we’re totally just curious.

Anyway, so far Delta seems to be the only airline offering this deal, but naturally there are some special rules that come with carrying a Christmas tree from Point A to Point B. Firstly, accept the fact that some people will think this is weird. Secondly, make sure that the Delta agent understands that it is indeed normal to carry a Christmas tree in the plane’s belly. Thirdly, the tree counts as a checked bag, and certain size restrictions will apply as usual. Finally, even though you are required to wrap the tree in burlap or something similar, any damages incurred during the flight are entirely the responsibility of your own, and not the airlines. So maybe don’t do any decorating beforehand.

Photo: wolfsavard/Flickr

Still, a Christmas tree is a pretty mild occurrence when you consider some of the other items that show up at check-in. According to a survey by Virgin Atlantic, one woman even tried to carry her bathtub on board a JFK flight. Another man attempted to smuggle a dead cow. We’d like to think the tree is pretty tame in comparison.

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