Airport Food Gate-Delivery is Pretty Snazzy

Food Lovers, Travel News — By christinegarvin on December 12, 2011 at 9:47 am

If you’re feeling too lazy to grab Chili’s to-go at the airport before you catch your flight, boy do we have the thing for you – gate side food delivery.

At this point, you do have to fly out of Chicago O’Hare – or other participating airports such as MSP, ORD, and JFK – to take advantage of gate side food delivery, which brings your app-ordered Wolfgang Puck pizza directly to where you board the plane. And no, there are no delivery fees (though we’re sure some delivery people will accept tips).

At JFK, Delta airline and OTG Management teamed up to offer iPad tablets at every restaurant seating area, allowing passengers to order food from their table and have it delivered to them there.

Image: Trinity/Flickr

Okay, we get using this service if you are running late for your flight, but really, when you have an hour to kill, can’t you grab your already prepared to-go order yourself?

Writer Kim Conte argues in a recent article that many of the good restaurants are located before security, and most people don’t want to stop because they want to get done with the hassle of security. With the food delivery app, you don’t have to worry about leaving behind that good sushi at the front of the airport.

Fine, we’ll bite that this can be a handy way to get some good food for the flight. Now we just want to know when we’ll be able to order a foot massage at the gate?

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