Hotel dedicated to Sourdough bread opening in Sweden

Food Lovers, Travel News — By christinegarvin on January 17, 2012 at 2:17 pm

If you are planning to visit Sweden in 2012 and are really into sourdough bread, you’re in luck.

No, not in terms of being able to buy the amazing fermented, slightly sour grainy goodness at your leisure. Rather, a “hotel” in Sweden is offering something even better: a “room” for your sourdough.

Yes, sourdough bread enthusiasts can now take their own vacation and not have to worry if their bread is well taken care of. Nytorget Urban Deli in Stockholm is offering a place for your starter to hang out, relax, and grow its way to full-breaded adulthood for the bargain price of $30 per week.

Image: miheco/Flickr

Don’t worry, your bread will be fully “coddled, nurtured” and made to “feel as good as it possibly can” during its stay. That’s hospitality at its finest.

We were excited when we found out our pet rat had a safe place to stay as we made our plans to hit the coast of Britain for the weekend, and we certainly breathed a sigh of relief when the Beyond the Hive Competition prompted architects to build recycled hotels for insects. But the sourdough bread hotel may just take the, err, cake.

Still, we’ll have to think long and hard before we depart with our fledgling bread starter just to take some time off. It’s safer to wait until the hotel reviews come in.



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