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Incarcer-Vacations: 11 Prisons-Turned-Hotels

Incarcer-Vacations: 11 Prisons-Turned-Hotels October 30, 2010 | Culture/History, Featured, Offbeat | Read More
Anyone with even a slight appreciation of irony would enjoy knowing that hellish prisons around the world, closed down because of overcrowding and human-rights abuse, have reopened as posh hotels and kitschy hostels. Although it does merit a good chuckle, if you think about it the conversions totally...

The World’s Most Underrated Destinations

The World’s Most Underrated Destinations December 23, 2009 | Around the World | Read More
For those of you who follow our regular NileGuide 5 interview series, you know that for the last half year we’ve been interviewing noteworthy travel writers and bloggers about their best travel tips, weirdest experiences and most underrated destinations. Looking for a vacation inspiration in the...

NileGuide 5 with the Cranky Flier

NileGuide 5 with the Cranky Flier August 4, 2009 | NileGuide 5 | Read More
This week’s NileGuide 5 interview is with Brett Snyder, author of the award-winning consumer air travel blog, The Cranky Flier. He also writes as an airline industry analyst for BNET Travel. You can usually find him milling around his home airport in Long Beach. 1. What’s the most underrated...