Breakfast & Brunch Restaurants in Auckland

OK! Breakfast and brunch is what Aucklander's do best. Once you notice the first cafe, you will then see another, and then another until you realise that Auckland is covered in cafes and they are pop-u-lar! Things get really busy by about 10am at the weekends, so plan accordingly if you've fallen in a love with a cafe you want to try. There are all sorts, too. Avoid the chain cafes if you want the best coffee and instead head in to ones which advertise or talk about what kind of coffee they are serving as this can be a good sign when looking for Auckland's best brews. Of course there is an entire language which surrounds coffee and New Zealand has its own jargon. For example, if you just want coffee with milk, you ask for a "flat white". And there is also a lot of cafe food that is particular to New Zealand. If you are really hungry you can go for the "Big Brekky (Breakfast)" or the "Kiwi Big Brekky" or even the "Veggie Big Brekky" and you will end up with a plate full of eggs, sausages (or veggie sausages) bacon and/ or mushrooms, a fried tomato and sometimes even hash browns. Another ubiquitos dish is the Eggs Benedict. Sometimes it is exactly as you remember, two poached eggs sitting on two pieces of toast covered in hollandaise sauce, but most of the time you'll get some fancy variation such as artisan bread or even crepes. Something else to know about Auckland cafes is that they are almost always child-friendly. Some even have toys to keep the little buggers busy while you wait for your caffeine to kick in. This list gives you a place to start but really you only need to wander the streets of Auckland and sooner or later you will come across someplace nice. Smell the coffee and let your nose be your guide.

expert pick

Devonport Stone Oven Bakery and Cafe

user rating

5 Clarence Street

Kid friendly cafe in Devonport... read more

Café Cezanne

user rating

296 Ponsonby Road

Ponsonby archetype... read more

Garnet Station

user rating

85 Garnet Road

Auckland neighbourhood atmosphere cafe... read more

Shaky Isles Coffee Co

user rating

492 New North Road

Child friendly cafe in Kingsland... read more

Circus, Circus

user rating

447 Mt. Eden Road

Family friendly cafe in Mt. Eden Village... read more

Frolic Cafe

user rating

653 Manukau Road

Family friendly cafe in Royal Oak... read more

Benediction Cafe

user rating

30 Saint Benedicts Street

Sheinken Cafe

user rating

3 Lorne St

Reliably good cafe in the city... read more

Mecca Cafe

Upper Vulcan Lane

City style... read more

Zarbo Delicatessen Cafe

user rating

24 Morrow Street

Tempting delicatessen and cafe... read more
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