Maltempo in Amalfi

Things to Do — By Laura Thayer on November 5, 2010 at 10:35 pm


This year November arrived on the Amalfi Coast with a strong scirocco wind that stirred up very rough seas and strong storms, or maltempo. The scirocco are warm winds that blow from the southwest and often bring big waves that crash against the rocks and piers of Amalfi. It is quite a show to watch the waves at the Marina Grande beach, especially when they’re large enough to splash up on the Amalfi Coast road.


The waves were washing over one of the piers and onto a small parking area. The local police were making sure that no one went too near, as the power of the sea is tremendous and can be so unpredictable.


It’s hard to image that just a few weeks ago the Marina Grande beach was covered with brightly colored beach umbrellas and sunbeds. I saw a few brave souls out swimming in the more protected waters at Atrani, but it’s certainly not recommended in this weather!



This is what all the locals and tourists alike line up along the sidewalks to see … one of the huge waves crashing against the rocks. You can see a public SITA buse going by, which looks so small compared to the massive wave!


The seas are calm again now in Amalfi. It’s been a unusually fine week of warm and sunny weather, and the locals have returned to enjoy the last few truly good beach days before the winter begins. We all know it’s just around the corner, but the sun and beautiful water is just too hard to resist!

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