Green Bangkok: Free WiFi in Bangkok

free — By Kevin Revolinski on January 3, 2011 at 5:38 pm

For travelers looking for WiFi, Bangkok has a good number of bars, hotels and coffee shops offering it free to their customers. The expensive hotels such as Hilton or Four Seasons, of course, still assume guests throw money around and couldn’t care less about charges, and so the places offering it complimentary are typically mid-range or budget joints. Many are open networks without passwords, so users should be aware of net security issues.

Photo by Jeremy Keith

But you may also notice some Green Bangkok WiFi signs around the downtown area. The hotspots are a bit, well, spotty, but if you can find an unsecured signal for “truewifi”, you can get wireless internet signal for free. I’ve used it before in a clutch, when meeting someone in a place without a coffee shop or bar. At 64 Kbps, the speed won’t knock your socks off, but for lounging around shooting off emails, who’s complaining? Use is unlimited but after one hour you need to disconnect/reconnect. There is also a 1 Mbps speed option, but for one hour per month. To login you will need your passport number. Your login info is good for three months.

According to True’s website, this free service, offered in conjunction with Bangkok Metropolitan Administration (BMA), will be available until June 24, 2011.

Read more about True’s Green Bangkok WiFi.

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  • IB Clever says:

    It’s good to know this because Starbucks is not having their free wi-fi anymore. I was in Bangkok few months ago and I came to know about the Starbucks wifi. Thanks very helpful information.


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