Anniversary of the Crackdown: Red Shirts Rally Today

What's New — By Kevin Revolinski on May 19, 2011 at 5:27 am

It’s hard to believe it’s already been a year since the bloody crackdown by the Thai military against the Red Shirt protesters in Bangkok last year. Since that time, there have been many political word battles, some arrests, some periodic rallies on a much smaller scale, but for a Bangkok outsider — the average traveler — things have really (shockingly) returned to “normal.” 91 people lost their lives during the 2-month-plus demonstration which saw the heart of Bangkok, the intersection at Ratchaprasong, become a protester encampment that slowly grew to occupy a much larger area with entry streets blocked by piles of tires and in some cases, sharpened bamboo poles.

Elections are planned for July and no one can predict what the results are going to be — or the reactions to the results. Today many will gather at Ratchaprasong to remember those who died and were injured during the May 19 crackdown last year.

Soldiers in riot gear back in 2010

Crowds are expected to form at 11 am and spend the day there. Expect traffic problems through that area, but hopes are high that this will likely be a peaceful event. Let cooler tempers prevail.

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