How to Stay Warm in Beijing

Travel Tips — By Lauren Johnson on February 4, 2012 at 12:57 pm

Baby, it’s cold outside! From late fall to late spring, Beijing isn’t the most welcoming of cities due to it’s frigid weather and harsh northern wind. But, it’s easy to survive in the freezing northern capital, the literally translation to the name “Beijing.”

Step 1: Wrap up! Some of the best places to pick up your warm-weather gear are Yashow– the favorite local fakes market. You’ll want to bargain hard at Yashow, where the local shop keepers make light work of most tourists. cut their asking price into thirds and expect to pay one third of the original price.

You can also grab some great garb at the market near the Beijing Zoo. Simply take the subway line 4 to the Beijing Zoo stop and walk across the street to the giant marketplace that’s open from 9am-5pm weekdays. You’ll find all kinds of clothing and warm-weather gear, and prices are usually marked. If they aren’t marked it’ best to ask and then, if it isn’t similar to the listed prices nearby just walk away.

One of the primary ways to stay warm while in Beijing is to start touring the sites in the early afternoon. If the sun comes out at all it’ll be warming up the city after noon. Besides, the great wall and Forbidden City and other such sites are usually packed early in the morning, between 9am-11am, and usually abandoned around lunch and shortly afterwards. This is perhaps because the lunch hour is very strictly observed in China.

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