Late Night Culture Activities in and Around Copenhagen

Things to Do — By Jane Graham on March 7, 2012 at 10:05 pm

Summertime in Denmark is all about light: Bright evenings that seem to go on forever as the sun sticks around until 10pm or even longer in late June and early July. Danes make the most of the balmy midsummer evenings with garden parties and night activities and in the holidays, even the kids are allowed to stay up. Here’s a selection of some of Copenhagen’s cultural attractions offering late night opening.

•    Louisiana

This internationally-renowned, contemporary art gallery and sculpture park is situated on the Øresund north of Copenhagen and introduced late night opening with great success several years ago. Louisiana is open until 10pm Tuesday through Friday (until 6pm weekends). Come for the exhibitions, as well as for lively debate nights and concerts.

•    Danish Design Centre

Denmark is famous for its ability to combine form and function so brilliantly. Check out the fully functional masterpieces of Copenhagen’s design museum right up until 9pm on Wednesdays; also open are the excellent cafe and shop.

•    Empire Bio

This popular local cinema in an old engine factory/car dealership in Nørrebro has a choice of late night film showings between 9.30 and 10.30pm every night. Films are shown in original language with subtitles, and the immediate area has numerous great restaurants for a pre-movie meal.

•    Copenhagen Zoo

See what the animals get up to when things quieten down once everyone’s had their tea; during July and early August, Copenhagen Zoo is open until 8pm every day.

•    Tivoli

While in the daytime the focus at Tivoli is on families, on warm midsummer nights the pleasure gardens are filled with young people who come for the Friday concerts, late-night rides and midnight firework displays over the lake.

Image of Louisiana by Poul Buchard/ Strüwing; courtesy of Louisiana Museum of Modern Art