Cowboys in the Jungle Bring More Tope to Puerto Viejo

Things to Do, Whats New — By Sophia LaMonica on April 9, 2012 at 9:56 pm

As the rest of the world seems to spin along faster each day, folks in Puerto Viejo de Limon are keeping pace with a horse’s gait. When he’s not tending to his melina farm, Jorge and Jackson, his feisty two-stepping stallion, are a couple of regular prancers along the Caribbean coast.

More horses and bicycles on the road than motorized vehicles keeps Puerto Viejo growing ever greener. Visitors to the region are welcome to join locals on horseback by contacting Sea Horse Stables or Playa Chiquita Riding Adventures, both of which cater to amateur and advanced riders.

Bring your bolo ties and inflatable 10 gallon hats to the fiesta and you’ll fit right it, especially if your steed struts with a special trot;)

So what, you may ask, is a tope? Some may say it means to drink too much as to get drunk, but in Costa Rica a tope is a kind of horse show, also called a cabalgata; for the Tico cowboy- or cowgirl- it’s a celebrated display of horsemanship.






Photos: slamonica

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