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Annual Island Affairs

Annual Island Affairs February 23, 2011 | Events, Things to Do | Read More
Each year thousands of locals and international travelers gather to party, fish, compete, and make merry on Cozumel. Whether it’s for windsurfing in February, carnaval and Kiteboarding in March, the El Cedral Fair in April, one of many sporting events in May, or Ironman in November, participants...

Carnaval Island Style

Carnaval Island Style January 24, 2011 | Events, Things to Do | Read More
Every year, around the world, millions of revellers gather in the month of February, or sometimes in March, to dance, march, sing, choose a king and queen, and make merry. This tradition, called carnaval or Mardi Gras and generally practiced in Roman Catholic cultures, is a cathartic preparation to enter...