‘I Mai Visti’ Self Portraits Exhibit

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Starting December 15, 2010 to January 30, 2011 at the Uffizi Gallery there will be an exhibit of self-portraits done by female artists. ‘I Mai Visti’ Self Portraits: ‘Artists of wit and great ingenuity’ exhibit is including works from the Uffizi’s historic collection and paintings collected for the exhibition. There will be contemporary pieces of art by artists, like Patti Smilth to Jenny Holzer, Carla Accardi, Vanessa Beecroft and many more. There will be 58 ‘historic works on display as well. From the works of the sixteenth-century artists La Tinoretta and Lavinia Fontana to Elisabeth Vigee` Le Brun and Angelica Kauffmann, who were famous in their time and have remained famous to this day. ‘One of the aims of the exhibition,’ explains Giovanna Giusti, curator of the exhibition, ‘is to look at the collection and to examine how and why certain works were chosen and what they reveal about the patrons and artists of the past.’

It seems it will be a great exhibition to see how important woman artists are and were back in the day of the Medici. There are over 1,700 self-portraits in the Uffizi Gallery but only 100 are done by women artists. It began as a quest to show the most contemporary portraits then Giusti approached many other women artists asking to donate their pieces.

For more information call 055/2388742 or check out www.polemuseale.firenze.it.

I Mai Visti: Self Portraits

Information courtesy of The Florentine.

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