Happy Hour Bars

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Happy Hour pubs are prevalent throughout Florence. They offer a very laid back atmosphere and with more that just chips and salsa. Florence has many pubs and bars that serve a happy hour with drinks and some that serve also food. Some happy hours have different cuisines they serve on any given night. Going for a happy hour can solve an early hunger or just a quick drink before you go out for a grand dinner.

Aperitivo on the Arno River

For a real easy place to enjoy the early hours of the night head to the Joshua Tree Pub. Here you will find many locals who come after a day at work. The staff is very friendly and they all speak English. They don’t serve any hot food or have a buffet but there are many types of beer you can choose from. There are some snacks you can ask for behind the bar such as potato chips. Happy hour is from 4pm-9pm. A small pint is 2 euro and large pint is 4 euro.

The inside of the colorful Joshua Tree Pub

The Joshua Tree Pub
Via della Scala 37r

ChiaroScuro is an quaint and rather elegant little bar where you can enjoy a full out buffet of food to be paired with your apertif. They serve all kinds of alcoholic drinks and coffee drinks. Their coffee drinks are well-known here in Florence. They get coffee beans from all over the world. These coffee drinks can be made with chocolate, caramel, Grancaffe is the most unique coffee drink on the menu since it is served warm instead of hot and what it is made with is a secret. They also serve 40 different kinds of teas. Their happy hour/apericena starts at 6:30pm and runs until 9:30pm.

ChiaroScuro entrance in Florence

Via del Corso 13R

Sei Divino has recently changed its look. An even more elegant and sophisticated wine bar that also serves cocktail made to order. Fine wine can be served and then the waiter will bring you a plate of assorted cheeses and meats. During the weekends there is a DJ that plays a variety of music. I like this place because I find it more romantic. The evening flows into night much more easily here. There isn’t chaos of large groups of people and it just feels more comfortable. You can come early for the delicious cocktails and stay late for some humbling wine.

Plate of assorted cheeses and meats at Sei Divino

Sei Divino
Borgo Ognissanti 42/r

Enjoy these happy hour bars while you are traveling in Florence.

Photo credit: Old Stove Porcellino, ChiaroScuro, Sei Divino

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