Krakow’s Jewish Festival Report

Events, What's New — By Chris on August 6, 2010 at 3:19 pm

Between June and July Krakow was celebrating the 20th annual Jewish Festival. From praying in synagogues, to walking tours and even DJ concerts, the variety of events held under the umbrella of almost 2-week-long biggest such festival in this part of Europe, Krakow Jewish Festival attracted thousands of people this year.
Music is an integrated part of the event. Starting with a Klezmer orchestra concert for the opening through improvisations, choir, ending on DJ & rap performances (check the artist named Matisyahu especially!) there are plenty of different kinds of music performances throughout the festival. Critics say that the metamorphosis of the program of the festival comes along with the metamorphosis of Kazimierz – the Jewish District where all the major events are held. But only in the architecture of this area you can still find some abandoned, and shabby tenement houses (yet makin it easier for the visitors to get an image of what it looked like some time ago).
When it comes to art, a thing definitely worth mentioning is the photo gallery titled “Domestication Jerusalem” showing pictures of the town between 1857 and 1920 year.
Many people of different age also had plenty of chances to meet with living examples of Jewish culture, during countless workshops, exhibitions, lectures and guided tours.

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