Strike on the Underground: Organized Chaos

Travel Tips, What's New — By Erin Gallagher Maury on September 4, 2010 at 5:03 pm

Transport for London (TFL) announced a Tube strike is set to begin Monday evening for 24 hours with Underground travel return to normal Wednesday morning. Just in time for students returning to school and commuters coming off summer vacations, millions of Londoners will be forced to find alternate means of transportation. However, despite the massive inconvenience members of the public are taking the news in true English fashion with the age old “keep calm and carry on” attitude.

Mike Brown, Managing Director of the London Underground stated, “Cycling or walking may be practical options for many.”  TFL even wrote letters to hundreds of London businesses requesting employees cycle to work, be allowed to wear casual attire and employer flexibility during the disruption. Many additional options have been put into action:

  • TFL’s website has a new cycling journey planner
  • Volunteers at central London stations will offer directions and hand out walking maps
  • 100 extra buses will be in service
  • Marshaled taxi rides from London’s 5 major train stations Tuesday morning
  • Escorted bike rides into central London
  • Extra Thames river boat journeys and larger capacity boats
  • 5,000 Barclays Cycle for Hire scheme will be in full operation (for registered users)

Buses, trains and trams are all operating as scheduled although carefully planning your London journey is advised. Be prepared for traffic chaos and encountering masses of Brits grumbling ever so quietly.

{flickr image: Annie Mole}

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