Be a Princess for a Moment

What's New — By Erin Gallagher Maury on February 9, 2011 at 6:15 pm

This is your chance to star in your own fairytale complete with Prince Charming.

American artist Jennifer Rubell, who often crafts edible artwork, has created a life-size wax sculpture of Prince William in a participatory exhibit dubbed Engagement.

Tiara-wielding wannabes can climb the podium next to Wills and take his arm while sliding a finger into a sewn-on replica of Kate Middleton’s (formerly Diana’s) sapphire-and-diamond engagement ring. Strike a pose and smile for the missing paparazzi.

Artist Jennifer Rubell with her wax Wills

Engagement is open through March 5, 2011
Stephen Friedman Gallery
25-28 Old Burlington Street

image by Stephen White courtesy of Jennifer Rubell website

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