Mountain Biking Trails Around Moab

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Moab is arguably one of the world’s favorite mountain biking destinations. With its famous Slickrock Biking Trail as the epicenter of all things pedal-related, Moab offers hundreds of miles of unparalleled mountain biking trails. But the fun doesn’t stop at the Slickrock Trail. There are plenty of choices around the area. The key is to know your own limits and desires as well as the makeup of the trails.



Monitor/Merrimac Bike Trail

This sweet six-mile ride scoops you up and down about 500 feet in elevation. You’ll cruise singletrack and classic Moab slickrock. Take in the views, which is easy on this beginner-oriented trail since you don’t have to be solely focused on keeping your bike–and you–upright.


family fun on the trails

photo: einarfour/Flickr



Gemini Bridges

Although this one is technically easy enough for most beginning riders, it can be long depending on your chosen route–up to 44 miles. That much pedaling can tire you out in a snap. It is possible to do this as a shorter 13.5 mile trip, though you’ll need to get a car shuttle. The imposing Gemini Bridges themselves are worth the trip.


riding across one of the Gemini Bridges--notice the drop offs

photo: dhReno/Flickr



Porcupine Rim

Even the name sounds intimidating. Porcupines are spiky and defensive. This very spiky trail needs to be ridden with every ounce of defensive skill the advanced rider possesses! Covering 15.5 miles if you have a vehicle shuttle, this classic Moab mountain bike trail is for those who are very technically savvy and experienced.


advanced riders only

photo: Tim Brink/Flickr


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