District II Pesthidegkút - Buda side Attractions in Budapest

District II is located just behind the Castle Hill, and is a beautiful hilly area full of green. While Pest was going through huge developments in the late 18th century, Buda including District II were left relatively untouched. Today it is a residential area with beautiful family homes and countless outdoor activity possibilities.

Our top picks are two natural beauties of the district; the Pál-völgyi cave and the Szemlo-hegyi cave where regular caving tours are held by trained guides. In third and fourth place are yet again two natural assets, but this time aquatic ones: the Kings Thermal Bath and Szent Lukács Thermal Bath.

The Buda Hills are perfect terrain for horse riding, and what makes it so great is that it's horse riding in the capital of Hungary a short leap from the inner city. As a result our fifth pick is the Petnehazy Horse Riding Ranch.

District II is not just about nature; there are several cultural venues in the area, the best of which are our next four picks: The Palace of Wonders (the name sais it all), The Millenáris, a cultural hotspot for exhibitions as well as stage shows, the Tomb of Gül Baba and the Foundry Museum of Hungarian Science and Technology.

Our last pick is Rózsadomb, said to be the most beautiful residential neighborhood of Budapest.

Pál-völgyi cave

user rating

Szépvölgyi Street

Caving under the Buda hills... read more

expert pick

Szemlo-hegyi Cave

Pusztaszeri ut 35

Weird mineral formations in a great cave... read more

expert pick

King's Bath

user rating

Fő Street 84.

Beautiful Historic Turkish Bath House... read more

expert pick

St. Lukács Medicinal Bath

Frankel Leo Street 25-29
District II

Beautiful Medicinal Bath... read more

Petnehazy Horse Riding Ranch

Feketefej utca 12 (Adyliget)

Horse and pony riding, instruction... read more

expert pick

Palace of Wonders

user rating

Fény Street 20-22

Interactive Scientific Playhouse... read more


Kis Rókus Utca 16-20

Jack Of All Trades!... read more

Tomb of Gul Baba

Mecset utca, 14

Turk who introduced roses... read more

Foundry Museum of Hungarian Science and Technology

Bem Jozsef utca, 20

Industrial museum... read more

expert pick


district II (around Gul Baba utca)

Beautiful hill of roses... read more
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