District III Óbuda (Old Buda) - Buda side Attractions in Budapest

Óbuda is the oldest part of Budapest, "Ó" meaning old in Hungarian. Before the three parts of Budapest (namely Buda, Pest and Óbuda) were united in 1873, it used to be a small town with lovely baroque buildings built on the ruins of an old Roman settlement called Aquincum (our pick number 1). Today, it preserves this atmosphere with its cobble stone streets and buildings renovated to resemble their original appearance.

The remnants of the Roman settlement can be found here along with a number of museums and collections commemorating the District's history such as our next six picks: the Aquincum Museum, Varga Imre Collection, Vasarely Museum, Kiscelli Museum and Kassák Museum, all of which exhibit the works of artists formally residing in Óbuda, and the Textile Museum.

A beautiful panorama opens of the city from the Hármashatár Hill lookout tower in eighth place.

Our last two picks are two swimming complexes: the Római Strandfürdő and the Csillaghegyi Strand-Uszoda taking last place as they are seasonal attractions.


Szentendrei Street 139

Roman Ruins...
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Aquincum Museum

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Szentendrei út 135 District III
District III

Budapest's Roman Past revealed...
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Varga Imre Collection

Laktanya utca 7

Dedicated to well-loved artist...
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Vasarely Museum

Szentlelek ter 6

Dedicated to "father of op-art"...
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Kiscelli Museum

III. Kiscelli út 108

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Kassak Museum

Fo ter, 1

Works of the famous artist...
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Textile Museum

Lajos utca 136-138

Dedicated to textiles...
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Harmashatar hegy

Beautiful panoramic views...
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Romai Strandfurdo

Rozgonyi Piroska utca, 2

Beautiful outdoor pool complex...
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Csillaghegyi Strand-uszoda

Pusztakuti utca, 3

Lovely, terraced swimming pools...
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