Spas in Budapest

Budapest is one of the great spa cities of Europe, with the continent's most important thermal and mineral springs found under the metropolitan area of Budapest. Of the 123 thermal springs, ten have medicinal qualities that the city's numerous bath houses take advantage of. Spoil yourselves in pools of different temperatures, get the sweat up in the steam rooms and saunas, and relax under the hands of a Thai or deep tissue masseuse! A day of pampering will leave you feeling revitalized after previous long days of sightseeing, or pepped up and ready to throw yourself into the throbbing nightlife of Budapest!

Our top picks are two spa classics; the Széchényi and the Gellért. The Széchényi Bath is the largest spa of the city and of Central Europe sure to amaze with its palace-like building and countless number of pools. The Gellért Hotel and Bath is an architectural masterpiece, famous for its beautiful Secessionist interior.

Our third pick is the recently renovated Turkish bath, the Rác Hotel and Bath, now a two-in one hotel bath complex preserving much of the original building.

Our next two picks are both beautiful examples of Turkish bath culture remaining in Budapest: the Rudas still functioning according to Turkish traditions and the Király built by the Pasha of Budapest during the Turkish occupation.

Our sixth pick is the Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget, a luxurious hotel and spa with leading wellness centres.

Our seventh pick is the Dagály, a larger bath complex on the Pest side, fed by the same thermal spring as the Széchényi.

The Lukács Medicinal Bath takes eighth place, a large historical thermal bath complex in the green suburbs of Budapest.

Our ninth pick is the Dandár Bath, one of the smaller and newer baths of Budapest with medicinal plunge pools.

Our last pick is the Palatinus Strand on Margaret Island taking last place on account of only being open in the summer.

expert pick

Széchényi Bath

user rating

Állatkerti krt. 11

Palace-Like Thermal Bath Complex... read more

expert pick

Gellért Hotel and Bath

user rating

Kelenhegyi Street 4

Spa Hotel and Secessionist Masterpiece... read more

expert pick

Rác Hotel and Bath

Hadnagy Street 8-10

Hotel and Traditional Turkish-Style Bath Complex...
read more

expert pick

Rudas Bath

user rating

Döbrentei Square 9

Beautiful Turkish Bath... read more

expert pick

King's Bath

user rating

Fő Street 84.

Beautiful Historic Turkish Bath House... read more

expert pick

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget

Margaret Island

expert pick

Dagály Bath

Népfürdő Street 36

Large Strand and Thermal Bath... read more

expert pick

St. Lukács Medicinal Bath

Frankel Leo Street 25-29
District II

Beautiful Medicinal Bath... read more

expert pick

Dandár Bath

Dandár Street 5-7

Small Homey Bath House... read more

expert pick

Palatinus Strand


Large Central Swimming Complex... read more
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