History Attractions in Cancun

The Yucatan Peninsula contains many Mayan ruins sites, but the most famous and most popular archeological site in the region is Chichen Itza.  Hundreds of visitors to Cancun & Riviera Maya make the trek to Chichen Itza each day.  It is a spectacular place and is definitely a "must-see".

Other notable sites of Mayan ruins are Coba, Tulum, & Ek Balam.  Two small, lesser-known sites are El Meco and El Rey.  El Rey is located right in Cancun's hotel zone and El Meco is located a short drive from downtown Cancun.  People that do not wish to do a full-day tour to see ruins, or people that have already seen the major archaeological sites, will enjoy El Rey and El Meco.  El Meco is more off-the-beaten-path than El Rey, but it's worth the effort to get there.  There is a well-preserved pyramid at El Meco and the beautiful grounds make it the perfect place to have a picnic, while taking in rich history of the site.

Xcaret, a popular eco-park, has a small Mayan ruins site, as well as a Mayan village, and shows about Mexican history and the Mayan culture.  There is also a museum on the premises.  During a trip to Xcaret, you can not only learn a little history, but you can also see flora, fauna, and birds of the region.

Tequila lovers will enjoy a visit to the Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial, a tequila museum.  Mexico's quintessential drink is tequila and the beverage is part of Mexico's heritage.  At the tequila museum, you will learn how tequila was made, while using all of your senses during the brief tour.  You will smell agave plants roasting, taste the agave plant, watch a short video, and, at the end of the tour, you will move into the tasting room to sample some tequila.  Even if you don't like tequila, it's a fun, and very interesting, way to spend an hour or so of your vacation. 

Bullfighting is a controversial sport and certainly is not for everyone, but it is a big part of Mexico's culture. Bullfights are help from late-December through mid-May. During the season, bullfights can be seen each Wednesday, at 3:30pm, at Plaza de Toros, in downtown Cancun.

The island of Isla Mujeres has a rich history,as well. It was once a major religious center for the Mayan people and was dedicated to Ixchel, the Mayan goddess of love and fertility. There are Mayan ruins on the island, as well as the grave of a notorious pirate that is believed to have lived on the island.

expert pick

Chichen Itza

user rating

Roughly 125 miles west of Cancún.

One of the New Seven Wonders of the World... read more

Coba Ruins Day Trip from Cancun or Riviera Maya

Cultural Tour... read more

expert pick

El Meco Ruins

user rating

Pto. Juarez-Punta Sam road, Km. 2.7

Small Mayan ruin site north of downtown Cancun. Off the beaten path but definitely worth the trip... read more

expert pick

El Rey Ruins (Zona Arqueologica El Rey)

Blvd. Kukulcan, Km. 17

Mayan ruins in Cancun's hotel zone... read more

Ek Balam

user rating

145 Km. (90 miles) from Cancun

Ancient city with newly uncovered secrets... read more

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Tulum Ruins (Zona Arqueológica de Tulum)

Carretera Cancún-Tulum, Km. 130

Striking views from this ancient walled city...
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Tequila Herradura Museo Sensorial

Blvd. Kukulkan, Km. 12.5

Learn about, and taste, tequila on this tour!...
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Highway 307, Km. 282
4 miles South of Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya

This Eco-Park Combines Nature, Culture & Fun...
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Avenida Bonampak, Lote 1, SM 2-A
(Colonia López Portillo)

Bullfighting in Cancún... read more
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