Eastern European Restaurants in Tel Aviv

A huge influx of Eastern Europeans came to Israel beginning in the mid-1800's to live out Thedor Herzl's dream. They set up kibbutzes, began speaking the Hebrew language insisted upon by Eliezer Ben-Yehuda, and, of course, brought shtetl-style food along with them. In the 1920's and 30's, more Eastern Europeans came to Israel, some from wealthier families, and broadened the spectrum of cuisine. After World War II ended, a large number of survivors from Eastern Europe made their way to Israel, and two huge aliyah waves of immigrants from Russia doubled Israel's Russian population within 20 years. Of course there is Eastern European food here!!! It's easy to find. Many menus in Israeli restaurants offer chicken soup, kugel, tzimmes and the like. But there are also a number of restaurants that serve just Eastern European food, like Keton on Dizengoff, a Polish restaurant with the same menu for over 40 years.


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35 Wolfson

Old neighborhood pub, Jewish soul food... read more

Yotvata in Town

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78 Herbert Samuel Street

Bagels, blintzes and shakes; breakfast of champions!... read more

Hungarian Blintzes

35 Yirmyahu St


197 Dizengoff Street

Old school Jewish restaurant... read more


2 Lilenblum Street

From Russia with Love... read more


64 Ben-Yehuda Street

Innovative East European cuisine... read more
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