Restaurants Near Downtown in Tel Aviv

Hasuumi Humus

close by
Tel Aviv, Israel

Comme il Faut Café

close by
Hangar 26, Tel Aviv Port
Tel Aviv Port

Take a Load Off... read more


approx 2 blocks
26 Nahmani Street

Italian Staple... read more

Orna and Ella

approx 4 blocks
33 Sheinkin St


approx 5 blocks
27 Montefiore Street
Along Allenby Street & Southward

Fusion fare... read more


approx 5 blocks


user rating

approx 5 blocks
19 Shenkin Street

Paper-thin-crust Kosher pizza made in a brick oven... read more

The Studio

approx 5 blocks
24 Cremieux Street

Live art with live jazz... read more

Jacnoun Shel Ima

approx 6 blocks
47 Allenby

The English Pub

approx 6 blocks
16 Allenby

The English pub is gruff, rough and a great time...
read more


approx 7 blocks
8 Ha'arba'a St


approx 7 blocks
5 Yodei Ha'sira St

Bechor Et Shoshi

approx 7 blocks
יד חרוצים 14


approx 7 blocks
11 Montefiore

Tel Aviv Chic... read more

Observatory Café

approx 7 blocks
Shalom Tower

It's Top... read more


user rating

approx 8 blocks
14 Ha'arba'a Street
near Carlebach Street

Meats of all kinds brought on demand to your table... read more


approx 8 blocks
17 Ha'arba'a Street

Teleport to the Far East... read more


approx 8 blocks
Rehov Ha'arba'a 18

Japanese delights... read more

Agadir Burger Bar

approx 8 blocks


approx 8 blocks
12 Ibn Gvirol Street

Sit, chat and play... read more
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