Fusion Restaurants in Tel Aviv

Fusion cuisine is a term that usually refers to a blend of foods from a similar region in a culinary experience that is supposed to delight the palate. Most common fusion restaurants are Asian, offering many different combinations (Thai/Vietnamese, Thai/Japanese, Indian/Chinese, etc.). In places with a high number of immigrants, or a variety of cultures living in one area usually have a higher number of fusion restaurants that will cater to the variety of patrons it hopes to garner. Tel Aviv is a fusion country. Jewish immigrants from Eastern Europe, Western Europe, South Africa, South America, North Africa, other Middle Eastern Countries and Ethiopia have come here and created true culinary fusion. In addition, there are Arabic people from every Middle Eastern country, immigrants from the Phillipines, Vietnam, Nigeria and a few other nations that contribute to Israel's patchwork quilt of inhabitants. The following restaurants are some of the top rated fusion restaurants in Tel Aviv: E Zugi Habarzel 17, Ramat Hachaial 03-5110066 Etta Montefiore 15, Lev Hair 03-5175200 Fusion Yad Harutzim 17, Yad Harutzim 03-7910303 Jaffa bar Hazechuchit 1, Old Jaffa 03-5184668 Manta Ray Herbert Samuel מול בית האצ"ל, Boardwalk 03-5174773 Sushi Samba Habarzel 27, Ramat Hachaial 03-6444345


user rating

4 Hichal Hatalmod Street

Mediterranean fusion, expensive and romantic...
read more

Giraffe Noodle Bar

user rating

49 Iben Gvirol Street
Near Ha-Bimah and Mann Auditorium

Trendy spot with sidewalk seating for great people watching... read more


218 Dizengoff

A traditional Hungarian conditory, or bakery, services the shoppers of Dizengoff street with a variety of desserts... read more

Noa Bistro

14 Hatzorfim St

Carmela Be Nachala

46 HaTavor Street
Nahlat Binyamin

Great Atmosphere... read more

Brew House

11 Rothschild Blvd


17 Ha'arba'a Street

Teleport to the Far East... read more
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