United States of America

“Diversity” says it all. A country of immigrants 3,000 miles wide, the United States of America encompasses worlds within worlds. Geography, culture, politics, religion, race—the US has got a little of everything. From tech-savvy Silicon Valley to the Amish country, the liberal leanings of San Francisco to the traditions of the Bible Belt, the dichotomies of the US are at once puzzling and captivating. In the center, the wheat fields and small towns of the Midwest, traditional Americana lives on. The cities—gritty New York, glitzy Las Vegas, down-to-earth Portland—each give you a different taste of contemporary American culture. From the Rocky Mountains to the Grand Canyon, the US has no shortage of outdoor adventures; its deserts, forests, coasts and bayous beg to be explored. Music lovers will head to Memphis, Detroit and Austin, while those wanting to experience the real deal could do no better than a Super Bowl BBQ. Snowboard and surf, eat cuisines from around the world, rub shoulders with the bronzed-and-beautiful or get down at rodeo—it’s all in the US, waiting with a friendly smile and firm handshake. From “the redwood forests to the gulf stream waters,” from Lewis and Clark to Jack Kerouac, this land was made for traveling.

U.S. states


Mention Alabama and chances are most people don’t think of white sand beaches or pine-studded mountain ranges. Peer a little bit closer, however and there’s no doubt this proud and vibrant state is full... read more


Home of the Iditarod and world-class salmon, Alaska needs little in the way of introduction. Between panning for gold in Liarsville and picnicking at the base of an Ice Age glacier, the far north is truly as... read more


From sprawling suburbs to red rock formations, strip malls to art galleries, Arizona captures the mesmerizing natural beauty and seemingly opposing cultures of the American West. Over five million visitors... read more


“Natural State” indeed. But a hotbed of music and culture too? You bet. Tucked into the geographical heart of America like a secret, Arkansas doesn’t get a lot of hype, or visitors—which... read more


California might just be paradise. Not just beaches-and-palm-tree paradise—from the ski slopes of Lake Tahoe to Napa’s rolling vineyards, the crashing waterfalls of Yosemite to the gingerbread Victorians... read more


White-snow ski slopes—for most, we don’t need to say more. The high-altitude fun-lovers of Colorado aren’t the only ones in love with that “Rocky Mountain High.” Tourists come from all over the country... read more


For New England charm a short drive away from New York City, you can’t do much better than Connecticut. The small state is often skimmed over and hurried through, experienced as one long stretch of highway.... read more


Whether it’s a history lesson you’re after or just a summer road trip with the family, Delaware has something for every itinerary. The nation’s “First State” is steeped in evidence of America’s... read more


Flamingos, Cuban ex-pats and retired New Yorkers all have one thing in common, and it’s Florida. Vacationers flock to the beaches, golf courses, theme parks and tropical blue waters of the Sunshine State... read more


Historical and contemporary, coastal and mountainous, glitzy and down-home and down-right hot, Georgia is a microcosm of all things Southern. Civil War monuments, Antebellum architecture and Spanish Moss whisper... read more


White beaches, blue waters and colorful coral reef encircle rainforest-covered cliffs to create the ultimate island paradise—Hawaii. And it’s not all paper-umbrellaed Mai Tais at resort beaches—the varyingly... read more


Tucked somewhere in the big broad chest of America is a Heartland. It’s filled with whispering prairie lands, revered historical heroes, a fabled two-lane highway lined with drive-ins and mom-and-pops, and... read more


It’s not all farmland in Indiana. But if you’re searching for that “Midwest farmer’s daughter” the Beach Boys sang about, there’s probably no better place to find her than in Indiana. From overhead,... read more


Yes, there’s more than cornfields and hog farms. The quirky Midwestern state may have a reputation as a rural oddball, but there’s more than meets the eye to Iowa. Before launching into the limelight as... read more


We’re not in Kansas anymore—oh, wait. If you see great expanses of plains and farms stretching infinitely into the horizon, you probably are in Kansas. But the “Heart of America” isn’t all flat prairies... read more


Known for its thoroughbreds, baseball and bourbon, the Bluegrass State is the gateway to the South. Start in Louisville, the epicenter of Kentucky’s Derby Region. Then head southwest, through small towns... read more


Laissez les bons temps rouler—Let the good times roll. So goes the saying in New Orleans, Louisiana’s largest city and most alluring tourist attraction. But it’s not all Mardi Gras beads and sultry-aired... read more


Tacked haphazardly on the easternmost part of the country, Maine sets a brilliant stage for nature to flaunt it’s showiest colors. With snowy peaks, rollicking rivers, lakes, woods and rugged coastlines,... read more


“America in Miniature,” “The Land of Pleasant Living”: Maryland’s apt nicknames say it all. Tucked between North and South, in the looming shadow of DC and the Appalachian Mountains, Maryland’s... read more


Those who say America lacks a sense of history haven’t been to Massachusetts. From the pilgrims landing in Plymouth to the first shots of the Revolutionary War being fired in Boston, Massachusetts tells the... read more


Famed home of the Great Lakes and the world’s longest freshwater coastline, Michigan is bona fide proof of a state blessed by Mother Nature. Multicolored sandstone cliffs, shining beaches, unspoiled islands... read more


Though the nickname is catchy, calling Minnesota the land of 10,000 lakes is actually a misnomer. There are closer to 11,842 lakes scattered across the state. Take full advantage with a healthy regiment of... read more


Overlooked and underrated, Mississippi is what the American South is all about. The birthplace of the Blues, Elvis Presley and William Faulkner, Mississippi’s doesn’t need glitzy cities or urban bustle.... read more


Ozarks, Great Plains and one huge arch: the Show-Me State certainly has a lot to show for itself. From the drawl of its southern regions to the town “where the Wild West began,” Missouri straddles the intersection... read more


Sure, if all you do in Nebraska is drive along Instate 80, you’ll probably agree with the stereotypes that the Midwestern state is flat, dull and full of farmland. But veer off the main artery, delve into... read more


Elvises, elopement and neon-lit sin are probably the first things that come to mind when you think of Nevada. There’s good reason: the dice-rattling, coin-clinking casinos, the round-the-clock parties and... read more

New Hampshire

Artists and poets aren’t the only ones New Hampshire enchants. The disarming natural beauty and charming small towns of the New England state lay ready and waiting for all who care to get swept off their... read more

New Jersey

Just a bedroom community of turnpikes and freeways?—Forget about it! New Jersey may be sandwiched between the shadows of New York City and Philadelphia, but it’s also the United States’ most densely populated... read more

New Mexico

When red earth meets a crystal sky, something magical happens. When the Rocky Mountains meet the Great Plains and the Rio Grande; when three cultures intersect and burst with art, atomic bombs and possibly... read more

New York

From the neon of Times Square to the crashing waters of Niagara Falls, New York is a state of sights, sensations and a lot of life. New York City is its crown jewel, a throbbing swarm of honking taxis, fast... read more

North Carolina

North Carolina embodies the quintessential South. From the quaint mountain towns of Asheville to the diverse city life of Charlotte to the secluded beaches of Wilmington, it offers visitors nearly every flavor... read more

North Dakota

Named "America’s Most Affordable Vacation State" by AAA, there’s nothing you can’t do in North Dakota (except for maybe lie on a beach). Camping, horseback riding, shopping, and even wineries, North Dakota... read more


Between game hunting and sportfishing, riding record-smashing roller coasters and tasting at boutique wineries, there`s never a dull moment in Ohio. With this much stimulus, it’s no wonder so many creative... read more


For frontier living laced with Native American culture, look no further than Oklahoma. Images of cowboys and Indians may fill your head, but the intricacies of this deep-rooted relationship run far deeper.... read more


When Lewis and Clark reached the end of their Westward journey, what did they find? Dense evergreen forests, rugged mountains, a rocky coastline, a fossil-filled desert—in short, Oregon. Today’s traveler... read more


Sure, it’s got history. And delicious meaty sandwiches. But, as tempting as it may be, don’t stop at the surface of Pennsylvania. This Eastern state is home to some unique culture, from the electricity-free... read more

Rhode Island

Somewhere in Rhode Island, a lone lighthouse is shining its beam across a sandy beach. It seems to be just for you. Pint-sized Rhode Island has an intimate feel, lent by more than just its small size. Its cliffs... read more

South Carolina

Mild winters and huge stretches of coastal land make South Carolina the ultimate family-friendly vacation destination. Pair that with world-class golf courses, fishing and BBQ that makes a vegetarian reconsider... read more

South Dakota

Take rock. Carve into it one of the country’s most recognizable national monuments; tuck beside it a frontier town with big bad legends; and spread out next to it expansive stretches of prairie that inspired... read more


Who can mention Tennessee without thinking about music? It all begins with Graceland Mansion in Memphis, attracting travelers who want to see Elvis’ roots for themselves. But visitors also come for more modern... read more


Rodeos, longhorns, oil and big hats—so is life in Texas. The independent, Old West spirit lives in the fiercely proud, proudly fierce Texans that make up the state’s larger-than-life reputation. Sure, you... read more


Who made Utah? You’ll probably find yourself asking that as you stare into the kaleidoscope of colors and hypnotizing rock formations that have made Utah famous. Or as you raft its rivers, ski its slopes,... read more


The terms “back roads,” “fiery,” and “Cherry Garcia” may have been invented for Vermont. The rural New England state is littered with rustic farms, snow-capped peaks, neon fall foliage and delicious... read more


If you were to create the perfect place-between-places, what would you fill it with? Arrestingly beautiful rugged mountains? Forrested valleys and expansive marshlands? A long lazy stretch of coastline? You’d... read more


Sneak in on a Northern state unselfconsciously going about its beautiful business, and what do you see? Snow-capped volcanoes tumbling into dense evergreen forests. Coastal islands home to more orca whales... read more

West Virginia

If your vision of West Virginia is filled with mountains, forests and down-to-earth descendants of miners, you aren’t far off. At the crossroads of North and South, and entirely contained by the Appalachian... read more


Commonly known for cream puffs, cheese curds, beer, and brats, one visit is all it takes to discover that the Badger State encompasses much more. From the Ice Age Trail’s magnificent evidence of glacial formation... read more


You know that end-of-the-movie scene where a lonesome cowboy rides off into the sunset? If you’re looking for where to find that guy, he’s probably in Wyoming. As ruggedly frontier and wildly unpeopled... read more

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