Bars And Clubs Near Houhai Bar and Restaurant Area in Beijing

Hou Hai Lake is a beautiful and scenic area, and although what nature has to offer is beautiful, the bar and restaurant area skirting along the lake are, at night, even more amazing! This is one of the best places in Beijing to go for an epic night out on the town and you're sure to enjoy the lakeside view, the hutong alleyways of little hole-in-the-wall bars and the constant weaving over streams and around the lake while you dine and drink, Chinese style!

Where Sanlitun is modern, clean and organized, Hou Hai is the opposite and offers the chance for escape into another world and perhaps another time. Rickshaw peddlers await your arrival and will whisk you around the lake in style and speed, especially if you know the bar you want-- for a few rmb (10-15) they can take you directly to your watering hole of choice.

For upscale dining and drinking, Lotus Blue is one of the most popular and exotic restaurants on the lake. Its prime location near the water gives it an even more mystical look than the bizarre furniture and otherworldly lighting.

Small cafes, bars and pubs line the back alley, including Cafe Heaven and Earth, Hope Bar and Hai Bar. You can negotiate prices on beers and other drinks before you enter the bars, but make sure to do this outside before agreeing to enter. Waiters yell at passers by to lure them in, so set the prices first!

For a breath of fresh air and expected decor and music head to Huxley's, off on a side alley away from the lake. Here you wont be yelled at and you can drink in relative peace. Enjoy your lapse into the world of hostel-like drinking atmospheres at Huxley's where the prices are right and the atmosphere always fun.

Sex & Da City

19 Lotus Lane
Hou Hai

Lively Singles Bar...
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Lotus Blue

51-6 Di'anmen Dajie
Hou Hai

Homage to Herge, and the best spot for HouHai lakeside dining...
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Cafe Heaven and Earth

2 Qianhai Beiyan
Hou Hai

Hear the Angels Sing...
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Buffalo Stone

6 Lotus Lane
Beihai Park North Gate

Romantic Window-Walled Dining...
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15 Qianhai Beiyan

15 Qianhai Beiyan

For Watching People, or Lotus Blossoms...
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Hope Bar

20 Hou Hai Nan
West of Yinding Bridge

Something to be Hopeful About...
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Taozhi Yaoyao

Beiguanfang Hutong
West of Houhai Nanyan beside Tinghaiting

Drink to the traditional...
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Houhai Bar street

32号-38号 Houhai Nanyan

Beautiful lake surrounded by bars...
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Hai Bar

36 Yandai Xiejie

360 Degree Hou Hai...
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16 Yandai Xiejie

No nonsense bar with very low prices...
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