Nightclubs in Beijing

When the sun goes down, the partiers come out. And where do they head to in Beijing? The night clubs, of course. And you can join in the after-hours fun. Grab some cash, put on the slickest outfit in your suitcase, and take to the dance floor. This is how Beijing gets down. And now, how you do too.

Vics is a deliciously underbelly nightclub near the Worker's Stadium. Here you'll find some of the city's most fervent dancers and partiers. When the DJ starts mixing it up, the dancers start stomping the floor at Vics. A sure thing for an amazing and memorable night in Beijing.

Mix Club is near Vics and the Worker's Stadium. If you find the action at Vics not to your liking, head across the way to Mix and check out the local and expat talent on the floor. You'll love the music and the decor gets partiers in the mood fast.

Cargo Club is in the same area. This is definitely where party lovers go at night in Beijing for a good time. You can bounce around between these three clubs fairly easily and then settle on the one that suits your nightlife needs. Finally, the Bank is in the Worker's Stadium area (gongti, in Chinese) and a final place to try before heading north to Sanlitun.

Bar Blue, in Sanlitun, is one of the older nightclubs in the city and has an avid following of hip dancers and a lush lounge area for smoking and chatting up the ladies. Located down a back alley, you'll also find snacks and food right outside the club for those late night cravings. Kai Club, down the street from Bar Blue, is a fun cheaper option with loads of university students and working class folks stomping out to the music.

For an entirely upper class clubbing experience, head to the World of Suzie Wong's, which is infamous in Beijing for its sleazy and yet undeniable allure. Nearby, the Tang Club offers respite once you've left Suzie Wong's.


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expert pick

Inside Workers' Stadium north gate

Huge beijing hotspot for the hip-hop crowd...
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Mix Club (Gongti)

user rating

Gong Ti North Road

Mix Up Dance, Music & Food...
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Cargo Club

6 Gongti Xilu
Gongti West Gate

Large club space with 80's decor...
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Bar Blu

San Li Tun North Bar Street
Tongli Studio 4-5/F

Cool Blue With a Rooftop View...
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Kai Club

Sanlitun Beijie

Cheap dive with good indie music nights...
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World of Suzie Wong Club

1A Nongzhanguan Lu

Top trendy bar and club for those late nights...
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Tang Club

8 Chaoyang Park West Gate
Chaoyang Park

Musical Twangs, Hot dancing...
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The Bank Lounge and Club

Gongti Donglu
Opposite Gate 9 of Workers' Stadium

Dance it out...
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13 Club

161 Lanqiying

Great rock and metal dive venue...
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180° Club

18 Zhongguancun Beidajie

Fun without stepping on toes...
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