Chao Yang District Nightlife in Beijing

Chao Yang district is the party district! You're in luck, because nearly all the must-see bars, pubs, clubs and dance floors are in this area and you can literally stumble from bar to club to pub and so on until the sun rises the following day. For an epic night on the town in one distract, you've sure picked the right one!

At the heart of Chao Yang district is Sanlitun Village, which holds several famous bars and clubs, but the surrounding area along Sanlitun Road and behind the Village to the north, you'll find a multitude of bars. It wouldn't be possible to experience every bar in this small area, even if you stayed in Beijing a week with the explicit goal of experiencing Sanlitun's nightlife!

That being said, there are some key bars you'll want to hit while in town, and some of the cheap bars along Sanlitun Street are simply so low-key that you'll be the only person in them. So, as a simple guide, Kai Club is a happening place on weekends, especially among college students. Across the way is Bar Blu, where the prices are a bit higher and the clientele a bit more discerning. Both are fun places to spend a night on Sanlitun Beijie (north street).

Slightly west of the Sanlitun Village bar area is the worker's stadium (Gong Ti) where you'll find Mix Club, Cargo Club and many other great clubs and bars. This is where you'll want to head if you are in the mood to dance and make an epic, unending night on the town with memories you'd cherish forever if only you could remember them!

Mix Club (Gongti)

user rating

Gong Ti North Road

Mix Up Dance, Music & Food...
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Den (The)

user rating

4 Gongtidong Road, Chao Yang District
Next to City Hotel

Old expat bar with reliable food and drink...
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Bar Blu

San Li Tun North Bar Street
Tongli Studio 4-5/F

Cool Blue With a Rooftop View...
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Kai Club

Sanlitun Beijie

Cheap dive with good indie music nights...
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Cargo Club

6 Gongti Xilu
Gongti West Gate

Large club space with 80's decor...
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World of Suzie Wong Club

1A Nongzhanguan Lu

Top trendy bar and club for those late nights...
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China Doll (Zhongguo Wawa)

2/F Tongli Studios
Sanlitun Beijie (off the main drag, behind 3.3)

Hottest Spot in Beijing's Nightlife...
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Q Bar

user rating

Top floor of Eastern Inn Hotel, 6 Baijiazhuang Lu
Nan Sanlitun Lu (on top floor of Eastern Inn Hotel)

Popular Cocktail Bar South of Sanlitun...
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Tang Club

8 Chaoyang Park West Gate
Chaoyang Park

Musical Twangs, Hot dancing...
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26 Dong Cao Yuan

Sleek & Impressive Bar with prices to match...
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