Gay & Lesbian in Beijing

Beijing has quite a few fun gay & lesbian options. From the tried and true, well known gay bar of Destination, to the lesser know but acceptable hangouts like Alfa, you'll find friends and lovers as well as an amazing good time in Beijing's gay & lesbian scene!

Destination is Beijing's first labeled gay bar. You'll find people who are out of the closet and into having fun, including a new wave of Chinese who are coming out for the first time and trying the dating scene in public. This is the number one must-go destination for GLBT fun in Beijing.

Beijing's gay scene is still on the rise and Destination is the only openly labeled gay bar. The following are fun suggestions for open minded, laid back and fun bars where you can go and be yourself.

Alfa is a less obvious choice but you're sure to have a good time and meet new folks. While not a 'gay bar' per say, it is an open place and people are generally very chill and relaxed.

China Doll and Babyface are two of the city's biggest meat market bars in terms of heterosexuality. Despite this, you'll have a lot of fun and find people eager to party any time of night.

Vics and Mix are two clubs with loud music, raging dance options and tons of fun people just out to have a good night. These are great places to head to meet new people and enjoy talking or dancing with strangers.

Q Bar, Song and the Ritz Bar are all fun, upscale options for fun night on the town.

Destination (Mudidi)

Gongti Xi Lu 7
south of the west gate of the Workers' Stadium, opposite Bellagio's

Where the Boys Are...
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Xingfu Yicun 5
in the alley opposite the Workers' Stadium west gate

Join the Theme Party...
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China Doll (Zhongguo Wawa)

2/F Tongli Studios
Sanlitun Beijie (off the main drag, behind 3.3)

Hottest Spot in Beijing's Nightlife...
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Gongti Xi Lu 6
Just south of the Workers' Stadium west gate

Fashionable Club...
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user rating

expert pick

B12 Jianguomen Waidajie
4/F Twin Towers

Celebrity hotspot with Stark decor...
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user rating

expert pick

Inside Workers' Stadium north gate

Huge beijing hotspot for the hip-hop crowd...
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Q Bar

user rating

Top floor of Eastern Inn Hotel, 6 Baijiazhuang Lu
Nan Sanlitun Lu (on top floor of Eastern Inn Hotel)

Popular Cocktail Bar South of Sanlitun...
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Mix Club (Gongti)

user rating

Gong Ti North Road

Mix Up Dance, Music & Food...
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Ritz-Carlton Bar (The)

83A Jian Guo Road
The Ritz-Carlton Beijing

Music Mingled with Drinks...
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Nunber 9 Guanghua Road
B108, The Place

Trendy bar with captivating decor...
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