Hai Dian District Nightlife in Beijing

Haidian district is known in Beijing as the University district because it houses several of Beijing's largest and best colleges and universities. Because of this, the area has developed an affordable range of bars, clubs and lounges. You can't find Haidian district prices anywhere else in Beijing, likewise the trendy, hip and low-key establishments that flourish in Haidian owe their success to the trendy and chic students who frequent them.

Haidian's most popular and well known nightclub is Propaganda. You'll get decently mixed drinks at affordable prices-- once you make it through the metal detector, that is. The dance floor downstairs is packed, while the tables and bar on the first floor are usually packed with local students and those eager to practice their Chinese.

Lush, which hosts events every night of the week, is the other main staple in the Haidian bar scene. Like Propaganda, Lush attracts students and locals, and relies on their patronage to survive. Trivia nights, open mic and other events keep Lush in the game.

D-22 is a well known dance club and bar, and although many who don't live in Haidian despise the long drive out, its often made just for the fun atmosphere at D-22.

For a trendy outing, Cloud Nine Bar offers luxury and class at the Shangri-la hotel. For the university quarter, this is quite the standout and you'll often see young men trying to impress their dates with a trip to Shangri-la.

For fun establishments that also serve food, check out Pyro, La Bamba and Kiev, which all have bars and offer affordable beer. Here, you'll find middle-class locals and students mingling with hungry expats in a truly international-feeling atmosphere.


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No. 12 Huaqingjiayuan
Huaqing Jiayuan Don Men Wang Bei (100m/328 ft. north of the east gate of Huaqing Jiayuan)

Crazy Student Fun...
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2/F, Building 1, Huaqing Jia Yuan
2nd Floor, Building 1, Wudaokou Hai Dian

Fun Student Hang Out...
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13 Chengfu Lu
On Chengfu Rd between East Rd of Zhongguancun and Baiyi Rd, Wudaokou area, Haidan district

Live Punk & Jazz Bar...
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Cloud Nine Bar

29 Zizhuyuan Lu
Shangri-la Hotel Beijing

Intimate luxury in the Shangri-la hotel...
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13 Club

161 Lanqiying

Great rock and metal dive venue...
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180° Club

18 Zhongguancun Beidajie

Fun without stepping on toes...
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Sculpting in Time (Diaoke Shiguang)

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Weigongcun Xi Kou 7
Ligong Da Nan Men, just to left of the university's south gate

Movies & Coffee Off the Beaten Track...
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La Bamba

No. 12 Huaqingjiayuan Building 5
2/3 F

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Pyro Pizza

No. 12 Huaqingjiayuan, Wudaokou
Basement level, Building 8

Thin Crust Pizza, Fun Atmosphere...
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Yuyuantan Nanlu
13 Puhui Nanli

Russian fare with top opera singing entertainment...
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