Dance Clubs in Beijing

Get out on the dance floor and party! Beijing has dance clubs and bars that will literally rock your world. From the raging disco-style establishments to high-end rooftop bars with dance floors that overlook the city, Beijing has a dance venue that will make you start tapping your toes and swaying your hips.

Vics and Mix Club are Beijing's two largest and most well known dance clubs. You'll find all manner of locals, expats and tourists dancing it out on the floor together to wild music that will keep your hear pumping until the doors close (and that can be as late as 5am the next morning)! With ongoing deals, events and themed dance parties, these two competing clubs are always keeping it interesting and intense.

Propaganda and Cargo Club are the runners up for best dance clubs in Beijing, and as such are slightly less crowded and less intense. Nevertheless they are some of the hottest spots in town and certainly have attributes that make them must-experience clubs.

For crazy dancing where you can hope to pick up a lady or male friend, The World of Suzie Wongs and China Doll offer a different kind of dance club-- the kind that has a pole and a stage for eager young dancers to exhibit themselves on.

Bar Blu has a rooftop dance floor as well as a trendy and cool indoor floor that is constantly full of chic and modern men and women who are out to have a good time but to do so in high fashion. You'll love the modern decor and fun, upscale atmosphere.

Baby Face and Angel are clubs that cater almost exclusively to locals. You'll find Chinese men and women dancing on the floor and bar at all hours of the night, having an amazing time you feel you want to jump into the instant you arrive. Fun, albeit gaudy dance night on the town.


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Inside Workers' Stadium north gate

Huge beijing hotspot for the hip-hop crowd...
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Mix Club (Gongti)

user rating

Gong Ti North Road

Mix Up Dance, Music & Food...
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No. 12 Huaqingjiayuan
Huaqing Jiayuan Don Men Wang Bei (100m/328 ft. north of the east gate of Huaqing Jiayuan)

Crazy Student Fun...
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China Doll (Zhongguo Wawa)

2/F Tongli Studios
Sanlitun Beijie (off the main drag, behind 3.3)

Hottest Spot in Beijing's Nightlife...
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Bar Blu

San Li Tun North Bar Street
Tongli Studio 4-5/F

Cool Blue With a Rooftop View...
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World of Suzie Wong Club

1A Nongzhanguan Lu

Top trendy bar and club for those late nights...
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Tang Club

8 Chaoyang Park West Gate
Chaoyang Park

Musical Twangs, Hot dancing...
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Cargo Club

6 Gongti Xilu
Gongti West Gate

Large club space with 80's decor...
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Gongti Xi Lu 6
Just south of the Workers' Stadium west gate

Fashionable Club...
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Gong Ti Xi Lu #6
Chaoyang District

Gaudy but fun Chinese-style club...
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