Romantic Things To Do in Beijing

Beijing may not have the romantic vibe of Paris, but if you know where to look and how to explore the city you'll find a very sweet and romantic underbelly to China's capital city. Whether you want active or laid-back, luxury or low-key, these activities will surely inspire some hand holding. Let the swooning commence.

Nanluoguxiang is a romantic alleyway packed with little trinket shops, candle stores and small cafes. At night, small bars and pubs light the street while lovers stroll hand in hand window shopping and day dreaming.

The Drum Tower is a great cultural hot-spot that isn't always crowded and offers adorable views of the city from on high. Meanwhile, the area around the Drum and Bell Towers is packed with small cafes, restaurants and a throng of rickshaw drivers gather to whisk you and your loved one to new adventures.

The Village at Sanlitun is a shopping, dining and bar paradise that is extremely modern and up-to-date. You'll find many small entertainments and this is a great place to walk around with a date.

The Forbidden City is a romantic spot because aside from the main walkway down the center, there are hundreds of small alleyways to get lost with your lover in.

What more charming way to spend a day with your sweetheart than on the Great Wall. Get pictures together and when finished, feed the wall's pet bears and frolic around the souvenir stands.

Guijie (Ghost Street) is a vast collection of Chinese dining options that offer everything you could imagine to eat with entertainment and shopping in between. A hand-in-hand stroll under the lanterns will light your lover's fires.

Qianmen Shopping street is great fun! You can snap pictures of the new (old style) buildings, shop, dine and enjoy a traditional tea ceremony. A fun, casual daytime date.

Chaoyang Park, the Beijing Zoo and Tienanmen Square are all vast spaces where you and your loved one can waltz around together chatting, checking out the sights and getting to know each other. All offer interesting views, tons to see and do and even a bit of Chinese culture thrown in.

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Runs north to south between Jiugulou Dajie and Dianmen Dajie, respectively
Southern entrance a few blocks east of Houhai

Hutong chic, for shopping, cafes and adorable bars... read more

Drum Tower

Di'anmen Dajie

Listen for the Time... read more

expert pick

Village at Sanlitun

19 Sanlitun Lu

Shop & Dine... read more

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Forbidden City (Gu Gong)

user rating

North of Tiananmen Square
Dong Cheng District

China's greatest imperial palace complex... read more

Great Wall (The)

user rating

North of Beijing city

World's longest wall... read more

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Guijie (Ghost Street)

Dongzhimennai Dajie

Red lantern-lit street of culinary delights...
read more

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Qianmen Dajie

user rating

Qianmen Street
Chongwen District

Redevelopment of historic walking street near Tiananmen... read more

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Chao Yang Park

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1 Nong Zhan South Road
Chao Yang District

Fun park with lakes and swimming pool... read more

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Beijing Zoo

user rating

131 Xi Zhi Men Wai Avenue
Xi Cheng District

Animal Kingdom... read more

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Tiananmen Square

user rating

Chang An Avenue
Dong Cheng District

Geographical and symbolic center of Beijing...
read more
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