Museums in Beijing

No trip to Beijing is complete without a tour of one of the amazing museums. Whether you are an art fan, history buff or military enthusiast, the museums in Beijing offer literally something for everyone. You'll find astonishing art, 5,000 years of history, modern marvels of machines, urban planning, coins, bells and everything in between.

Of course the most beneficial one-stop museum would be the Museum of Chinese History, which is located smack dab in the heart of the city on Tiananmen Square. If you know nothing of China or Beijing's history and culture than a stop here might enlighten you and expand your appreciation of China's capital city. The National Museum of China is another great one-stop shop for learning as much as possible in one building before starting your adventures in Beijing.

If you want to know where China is headed, why not take a peek in the Urban Planning Museum, where you'll learn what they plan to do with the city as well as how they view the space and where the country as a whole may be going.

The National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature is a great place for any lit fan or culture lover to visit. You'll learn what the Chinese find fascination and see reoccurring themes in old and new literature and cultural relics and art.

If you are into machines, don't fret! Beijing has more than enough to satiate your appetite for information. The Aircraft museum is a fun place to start if you love large machines. The Railway Museum and Agriculture Museum are additional places that might be of interest to you if you love intricate designs, modern marvels and man-made wonders.

If old school is more your speed, the Bell Museum, Coin Museum and Great Wall Museum are all testaments to the marvels of olden days. There is much to be said of the innovations and massive undertakings of our forefathers, and these museums highlight the achievements beautifully.

Museum of Chinese History

user rating

Eastern side of Tiananmen Square
Dong Cheng District

5000 Years of History, 1 Building... read more

expert pick

Urban Planning Museum

user rating

East Qianmen Avenue
Southeast corner of Tiananmen Square, behind the old train station

Planning for the city's future... read more

National Museum of China (Guojia Bowuguan)

45 Wenxueguan Lu, Shaoyaju
East side of Tian'an Men Sq., Dong Cheng Qu

Chinese History on Display... read more

National Museum of Modern Chinese Literature

45 Wenxueguan Lu, Shaoyaju
Chao Yang

More than a Museum... read more

Aircraft Museum

Xiaotangshan Bridge, Changping, Beijing, China

Interactive Aircraft Museum... read more

Beijing Ancient Coin Museum

De Sheng Men, Middle Road, North Second Ring Road
Xi Cheng District

And these are coins!... read more

Beijing Big Bell Museum

user rating

A31, North Third Ring Road

Collection of bells of all sizes... read more

China Agricultural Museum

16 East Third Ring North Road
Chao Yang District

Learn the history of agriculture in China... read more

Great Wall Museum

user rating

Ba Da Ling Special Zone, Great Wall
Yanqing County

History of the Wall, on the wall... read more

China Railway Museum

1 Jiuxian Qiao Bei Lu

A Beautiful Display of Modern Marvels... read more
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