Nature & Wildlife in Beijing

Sometimes when visiting a large and very busy and populated city like Beijing can take its toll on you. A retreat to nature is exactly what the doctor ordered. Head outside Beijing for a much-needed return to nature and wildlife. Away from the pollution, noise and bustle of city life. Even on a short vacation to Beijing, the city can seem like it sprawls endlessly, a view from outside is exactly what is needed for perspective and to get a bit of fresh air.

There are several scenic spots around Beijing that are essentially protected nature and wildlife zones. While this doesn't always (or even usually) mean that the place has evolved naturally, it does offer greenery and fresh air. The Shi Du Scenic Spot is one such, extremely beautiful, return to nature not far from Beijing.

Tian Chi Canyon, outside the city, is a beautiful spot with spelunking, relaxing views of several lakes and an area surrounded in trees and wildlife. The canyon is impressive in its depth and the massive lake gives the canyon's depth a bit of perspective.

For more water-based nature head to Black Dragon Pool where a string of gorgeous lakes offer one of the most relaxing scenes near Beijing. Or, head to the Rear Lakes, which are in the middle of the city but still offer a bit of a return to nature.

If you are up for a trek, the Ye San Po reserve offers cliffs, caves and sandalwood trees that are over 1,000 years old! The Ban Bi Dian Forest Park is another great place for tree lovers and admirers of nature.

If you don't want to head into the wild alone, chat with the Beijing Hikers, a group dedicated to exploring the surrounding areas on food, the way mother nature intended us to see the planet!

expert pick

Shi Du Scenic Spot

user rating

Shi Du Town
Fangshan District

Out-of-town activity area... read more

Tian Chi Canyon

Tian Chi Xia Gu, Huai Rou City
Huai Rou County

Features beautiful lake scenery, leisure caves and rock-climbing... read more

Black Dragon Pool

Northwest of Mi Yun Reservoir

Series of scenic river pools... read more

Ban Bi Dian Forest Park

Banbi Dian
DaXing County

The park is famous for its rurality... read more

Ye San Po Valley

Ye San Pi Nature Reserve
feng tai qu hua xiang si he zhuang

The most natural Nature... read more

Shi Hua Dong Cave Scenic Spot

Fangshan District

One of the top eight suburban attractions of Beijing... read more

Qingliang Valley Natural Scenic Spot

North of Miyun Reservoir
Miyun County

Natural water spectacular... read more

Jingdong Great Gorge

Shandongzhuang Town
Pinggu County

Beautiful gorges and scenic spots... read more

Beijing Hikers

Xinhualian Ligang Building 2, Suite 601 No. 26 Jiuxianqiao Zhong Lu Chaoyang District
Suite 1907 Building 107

Taking a hike, Beijing-style... read more

Rear Lakes (Houhai)

user rating

Di'anmenwai Dajie

Three Lakes... read more
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