Things To Do Near Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Tiananmen Square is the exact center of Beijing, and some of the city's most important structures, sites and attractions are nearby.

Tiananmen Square is located in the center of a linear row of ancient structures that stretches from the south to the north of the city. Immediately south of the square is the Qianmen Market Street while to the north if the epic Forbidden City. In the center of the square are the Monument to the People and the Mausoleum of one-time ruler of Communist China, Mao Zedong. From one central point you can see much of Beijing (and China's) historical and cultural highlights!

To the sides, you have the Great Hall of the People, which is a government building of massive proportions usually covered in the red Chinese flag and guarded by smartly uniformed soldiers. It is an impressive site overlooking the square, and worth a visit though you are unlikely to be granted access without an invitation.

The other side boasts the Museum of Chinese History and is a massive building housing some of China's most important relics and artifacts. To gain even a basic understanding of the country and its long past, a visit to the museum is in order. Since it is centrally located, its an easy thing to see on your way to the Forbidden City.

Nearby you have Wangfujing shopping street, and branching off of that the Dong Hua Men Night Market, where you can try scorpion on a stick, or even seahorse. Its a real treat and the perfect way to round out a long day of sightseeing around Tiananmen Square.

The Great Hall of the People

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West Side of Tiananmen Square

China's Political Center... read more

Museum of Chinese History

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Eastern side of Tiananmen Square
Dong Cheng District

5000 Years of History, 1 Building... read more

Mao Ze Dong Mausoleum

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Tiananmen Square
Chongmen District

Pay your respects to the Chairman... read more

ZhengYangMen Gate

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Southern end of Tiananmen Square
Xuanwu District

A symbol of Beijing... read more

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qianmen market street

Qianmen Dajie

A recreation of an ancient shopping street...
read more

Zhu Bao Silk Market

Zhu Bao Market Street, Qian Men Avenue
Xuan Wu District

Silk Market Popular with Chinese Tourists... read more

Gui Ji Peking Opera Goods Shop

130 Qian Men Avenue
Xuan Wu District

All the Trappings of Peking Opera... read more

Zhang Yi Yuan Tea Leaf Shop

22 Da Zha Lan Alley, Qian Men Avenue
Xuan Wu District

Beijing's Best-Known Purveyor of Tea Leaves...
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Forbidden City (Gu Gong)

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North of Tiananmen Square
Dong Cheng District

China's greatest imperial palace complex... read more

Dong Hua Men Night Market

Xing Dong An Plaza
off Wangfujing Daije

An Alfresco Feeding Frenzy... read more
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