Castles, Palaces & Historic Buildings in Beijing

History is alive in Beijing! The very center of the city is an ancient meeting square in front of the Forbidden City, where Emperors of old would address the plebs from on high. The Palace itself is an amazing piece of architecture, aside from a historical landmark of epic importance in China.

The Forbidden City, the Palace of the Emperors and Concubines, where decisions were made for the world's most populated country. Any visit to China is incomplete without visiting the Forbidden City.

The Summer Palace is where the lords, ladies and Kings of China would sojourn in the summer heat to escape the smells and sounds of a sweltering Beijing.

Before there was the Summer  Palace there was the original Yuan Ming Yuan Summer Palace which today consists of piles of ruins and the ground floor layout. For history lovers, this is a must see, and well worth the trip out.

Yonghe Gong Lama Temple is an ancient structure where Beijing locals still go today to practice their religion. You'll be amazed at how long the building has stood and how many believers have passed through it. HuoShen Temple is a worshiping ground for the fire god, conveniently located near the lake. Meanwhile, the Temple of Heaven dates back several hundred years and was an important religious and pagan center for believers and merchants as well as royalty.

The Imperial granaries are a rebuilt structure based on the original hutong granaries that stocked the palace coffers. Now you'll find them pleasantly restored and housing fancy restaurants and shops as well as paying homage to their purpose of old.

The Drum and Bell Towers were directly in line with the Forbidden City, which was in line with the Temple of Heaven. Together, the yin and yang of these structures (centered around the city wall) made for an eye-pleasing view from on high.

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Forbidden City (Gu Gong)

user rating

North of Tiananmen Square
Dong Cheng District

China's greatest imperial palace complex... read more

Summer Palace (The)

Beiqing Road

Historic Imperial Residence in Park Setting...
read more

Ruins of the Old Summer Palace

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28 Qing Hua West Road
(north of Beijing University and east of the Summer Palace)

Former imperial residence in park setting... read more

Yonghe Gong (Lama Temple)

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Yong He Gong Dajie 12
South of the North Second Ring Rd. (entrance on the south end of the complex)

Temple Devoted to Tibetan Buddhism... read more

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Temple of Heaven (Tian Tan)

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Tian Tan North Road

Beautiful historic temple complex and park...
read more

Imperial Granary

22 Dongsishitiao

Rice and History Stored Here... read more

Huoshen Temple

77 Di'anmen Waidajie
Hou Hai

1000 Year Old Temple to the Fire God... read more

Ancient Observatory (Gu Guanxiang Tai)

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Jianguo Men Dong Biaobei 2
Dong Cheng Qu (southwest side of Jianguo Men intersection, just south of metro)

Astronomical Spectacle... read more

Bell Tower

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Di'anmen Dajie

Enormous Bell... read more

Drum Tower

Di'anmen Dajie

Listen for the Time... read more
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