Continental Restaurants in Beijing

Continental cuisine in Beijing is fantastic! You'll love the fusion blends, the cross-regional mixes and the restaurants that serve whats popular rather than genre-specific fare.

Blu Lobster, for example, has fine continental cuisine ranging from seafood Shanghai style to delicate European seafood recipes and Asian influences. You'll fine more on the menu that sea creature, as Blu Lobster caters to every taste bud on your palate.

Cafe Europa offers a range of cuisines, from the expected Italian and French food to the more unique aspects of Belgian, Croatian and even Australian foods. A truly unique blend, this restaurant remains one of the more popular in Beijing.

Amigo is a stellar example of continental food, offering traditional foods from Texas, Mexico and further into South America. You'll even find a few European items on the new menu.

The Vineyard and Courtyard offer traditional continental cuisine ranging across the globe and appealing to every customer despite the range of ethnicites that visit these establishments.

For a bit of Asian fare, head to Japanese Hatsune or Purple Haze Thai, where you'll consume some intricate regional and national dishes from abroad with distinct Chinese influences.

Blu Lobster

29 Zizhuyuan Lu
Shangri-La Hotel

Little bit of everything...
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Cafe Europa

39 Third Ring Road
Jianwai Soho

European escape...
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expert pick

95 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District

Comforting Mexican food and cheap drinks...
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Vineyard (Putaoyuan'r)

user rating

Wudaoying Hutong 31
Just north of the Confucius temple

Vineyard In The Courtyard...
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The Courtyard (Siheyuan)

user rating

Donghua Men Dajie 95
10-min. walk, on north side of street

Dine on Fusion Cuisine At The Forbidden City...
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Steak and Eggs

user rating

expert pick

Xiushui Nanjie
Behind the Friendship Store and one light west of the Silk Market

Classic American diner...
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user rating

expert pick

Heqiao Building, Guanghua Lu
Chao Yang

Top notch, creative Japanese...
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Purple Haze Thai Restaurant & Bar

Oppsite Workers Stadium

Happening morning, noon, & night...
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