Pan-Asian & Pacific Rim Restaurants in Beijing

Food from the pacific Rim is easy to come by in Beijing, and in fact you'll find many Pacific Rim influences in local cuisine due to the proximity. But there are a few delicious options that deserve to be highlighted.

Fei Teng Yu Xiang and The Courtyard are consistently hailed as two of the best Pacific Rim eateries in the city, a place where even the most discerning Pacific Rim resident would feel at home. They offer spice, charm and Pacific decor.

Cafe Sambal is a hutong renovation with Pacific Rim foods and African influences. This fusion cuisine is an up and commer in the Beijing scene expected to become a popular destination restaurant.

My Humble House and Green T. House offer Pacific Rim influenced foods and decor, with authentic music and excellent staff. You'll enjoy the seafood infusions and the medley of Chinese and Pacific Rim delicacies.

Bellagio is a Cantonese place famous for the shaved ice and the waitresses who all have the exact same haircut. The kung pao chicken is also famous.

Kong Yi Ji, famous for its southern flavors, is sure to delight and wow. Make sure you can handle heavy spice before you put in a whole chopstick full!

Finally, for duck, head to Kao Rou Ji, famous for the Beijing local roast duck.

Fei Teng Yu Xiang

expert pick

A8 Xinyuannanlu

Hot & Spicy...
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The Courtyard (Siheyuan)

user rating

Donghua Men Dajie 95
10-min. walk, on north side of street

Dine on Fusion Cuisine At The Forbidden City...
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Cafe Sambal

user rating

Doufu Chi Hutong 43

Classy food, delicious decor-- a Beijing favorite...
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My Humble House (Dongfang Hanshe)

Dong Chang'an Jie 1
West side of Oriental Plaza, podium level

Fusion Food with a changing menu...
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Green T. House (Zi Yun Xuan)

Gongti Xi Lu 6
A subtly marked door, on the east side of Bellagio's

Dining with a Cultural Flare...
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user rating

expert pick

6 Gonti Xilu
Opposite Destinations

Late night specials including tasty shaved ice desserts...
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Saveurs de Coree

29 Nanluogu Xiang

Delicate Korean bistro fare...
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Sa Lang Bang

3/F, Dongyuan Plaza, 35 Chengfu Lu

Classic Korean fare in Haidian...
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Kong Yi Ji

2 A Dongming Hutong
Deshengmennei Dajie

South China cuisine...
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Kao Rou Ji

14 Qian Hai Dong Yan

Grilled mutton in Beijing...
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