Off Beat Restaurants in Beijing

When you want to try something new and different, you have to leave the trodden path and branch out into the world of the unique. Beijing has many unique restaurants and dining options to wet your appetite and get your primed for adventure.

The Tree is a cozy pizza restaurant with wood-burning oven pizzas and a great selection of beers. What makes it unique is the location down a dirty back alley past some of the shabbiest bars in Sanlitun. You have to really want great pizza to trod down that road less taken!

The Vineyard and Orchard are two romantic, out of the way restaurants where you wont find a throng of tourists nor an over-packed crowd of locals.The pleasant outdoor seating is what makes these two locations some of the better unique dining options in Beijing.

What is Parisian Vietnamese food? Why not head to Muse in Sanlitun and find out. With a full menu to answer your question and get you thinking about fusion foods in a new way, you'll actually be learning while you dine.

The Noodle Loft offers the chance to try traditional local cuisine in a modern setting while looking out over the most modern part of town. See the changes Beijing has undergone in the last ten years out the window while slurping hundred-year-old-recipe noodles.

The Dong Hua Men Night Market offers the chance to eat a scorpion on a stick. That's probably enough said right there, but we'll go on. Try starfish, tarantella, and baby bird on a stick as well.

Located down a back alley and measuring less than 15 sq meters, Fish Nation has been voted the best fish restaurant in Beijing time and again. You have to be patient and probably eat in the street once your order arrives, but the taste is the attraction, not the decor.

The unique restaurants in Beijing are many, Amigo is a hole-in-the-wall Mexican diner with the best enchiladas in town, but you have to be willing to give it a try after glancing around the barren hallway of a room. The same goes for Sculpting in Time, arrive and give it a chance and you'll discover a whole new genre of deliciousness.

The Tree

user rating

expert pick

43 Sanlitun Lu
Behind 3.3 Mall

Solid pizza and beer...
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Vineyard (Putaoyuan'r)

user rating

Wudaoying Hutong 31
Just north of the Confucius temple

Vineyard In The Courtyard...
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Sculpting In Time (Diaoke Shiguang)

Weigongcun Xi Kou 7, Ligong Da Nan Men
(left of the University's south gate)

Movies and coffee...
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Noodle Loft (Mian Ku Shanxi Shiyi)

Xi Dawang Lu 20
From bus stop, walk back 90m [300 ft.]

Excellent noodles, Modern decor...
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Dong Hua Men Night Market

user rating

Xing Dong An Plaza
off Wangfujing Daije

An alfresco feeding frenzy...
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The Orchard

Shun Bai Lu
Hegezhuang Village

Organic Dishes...
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expert pick

95 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District

Comforting Mexican food and cheap drinks...
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Xibei Youmian Cun

Yayun Cun Anyuan 8 Lou
Corner of Anhui Bei Li and Huizhong Bei Lu

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Fish Nation

31 Jiaodaokou

Fish n'chips, good beer and tasty afternoon tea...
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