Restaurants Near Tiananmen Square in Beijing

Tiananmen square is the center of Beijing. To the north lies the Forbidden City, to the south the Temple of Heaven and Qianmen Avenue. Important government and cultural buildings surround the square. It has been important in Chinese history for generations, and hold important international renowned. And now, it has fancy hotels and restaurants edging around the square, so you can stay near the hottest attraction in town and dine like an Emperor.

One of the consistently highly ranked restaurants around Tiananmen Square is Capital M, owned by Aussie entrepreneurs it is run like a perfect Asian restaurant with Western characteristics. The food is fantastic, albeit expensive, and the decor is exactly what you want in a visit to Beijing.

Keeping on the high-end, Meat & Wine Co. is a start up that has impressed wine enthusiasts and meat lovers alike, a rare hit for this oft at odds combo.

Maison Boulud is a fancy, up-scale dining option with a view of the square and, at night, the white lights that surround the massive area of Tiananmen. With delicious food, great decor and expert service, its not surprising Maison Boulud is so famous!

Beijing is famous for roast duck, often called Peking Duck. One of the best chains for this is Quanjude, where you'll get an authentic experience overlooking the square. This isn't for the squemish of heart, you'll find the side dishes a bit shocking, duck heart dumpling, duck tongue, and more.

Capital M

3/F, 2 Qianmen Pedestrian Street (southeast of Qianmen), Chongwen District, 崇文区前门步行街2号3层

Bringing Shanghai Class to Beijing...
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Meat & Wine Co.

23 Qian Men East Avenue
Qian Men 23

Steak and Wine Heaven...
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Maison Boulud

23 Qian Men Dong Dajie

French Taste in Beijing...
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Ristorante Sadler

23 Qian Men Dong Dajie

Italian Flavors in authentic ways...
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Quanjude Roast Duck Beijing

113 Xian Yu Kou
Qian Men Wai

Duck delicacies...
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Shiro Matsu

expert pick

Ch'ien Men 23, 23 Qianmen Dongdajie

Japanese culinary excellence in an upmarket setting...
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Li Qun Roast Duck

user rating

11 Beixiangfeng, Zhengyi Nanlu, Qianmen Dongdajie
Follow directions painted on the neighboring walls

Authentic duck...
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Sanlitun Houjie
Sanlitun Beijie (beside the Nali Mall)

Beijing's Brazillian Treasure...
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Mala Youhuo

Chong Wen Men Wai Dajie 40
So Show Plaza 7/F

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Annie's Cafe (Anni Yidali Canting)

Ideal for family, friends and fun...
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