Local Traditional Restaurants in Beijing

As they say, "When in Rome!" You should try eating traditional Beijing food like a local at these highly recommended Beijing restaurants.

Beijing is famous for Peking Duck, which involves a delicious and unique method of spicing, roasting and cutting the duck. Once served, you make tiny dim sum-like burritos filled with onion, cucumber, sauce and duck cuts. Both Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant and Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant are popular Beijing favorites for this local specialty.

The north is known for noodles while the south of China is known for rice. Try the local northern noodle option at Noodle Loft, a modern and beautiful setting to absorb an ancient traditional Beijing food.

The Courtyard offers the chance to soak up Beijing culture as well as delicious local food. Noble Court is very similar in that they are both cultural local hot spots with fine dining and a connection to the city's past through cuisine.

Hot Bean Cooperative has revolutionized the famous Chinese chicken wing eating scene with its hip restaurant in a hutong.The sides are cheap and delicious and extremely 'Beijing.'

Dongbeiren literally translates to East-North People and represents the traditional cuisine from that region, which includes Beijing. You'll enjoy the wheat and noodle based dishes as well as the fine breads and northern beers.

Finally, Fei Teng Yu Xiang, Xi He Ya Ju and Fangshan restaurants all offer traditional Chinese cuisine done with a bit of local flavoring added to make these restaurants traditional local favorites. You'll find similarities in these three establishments and, after trying a few options from this list you'll come to see a trend or two in Beijing's local cuisine.

Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant

expert pick

Tuanjiehu Beikou
Building 3

Delicious ducks and impeccable service...
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Quanjude Roast Duck Restaurant

user rating

32 Qianmen Avenue

Beijing's definitive duck restaurant...
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Noodle Loft (Mian Ku Shanxi Shiyi)

Heping Xijie 3

Centrally Located, Deliciously Slurped...
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The Courtyard (Siheyuan)

user rating

Donghua Men Dajie 95
10-min. walk, on north side of street

Dine on Fusion Cuisine At The Forbidden City...
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Hot Bean Cooperative

Jiaodaokou Nandajie
Chaodou Hutong

Atmospheric cafe...
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Noble Court

1 East Chang An Avenue
Grand Hyatt Beijing

Designed for the Nobles...
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A1 Xinzhong Jie, Dongzhimenwai

Hearty food and raucous atmosphere...
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Fei Teng Yu Xiang

expert pick

A8 Xinyuannanlu

Hot & Spicy...
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Xi He Ya Ju Restaurant

Northeast corner of Ritan Park
Chao Yang District

Chinese cuisine in a courtyard setting...
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Fangshan Restaurant

user rating

expert pick

1 Wenjing Jie
(inside the east gate of Beihai Park)

Imperial Chinese food set in classic Beihai surroundings...
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