Mexican Restaurants in Beijing

Beijingers loves their Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine. There are a few fantastic and authentic places in town like Amigo and Luga's, where you'll often find Mexican expats chowing down on their home country favorites. The Saddle and Tim's are Tex-Mex alternatives where the Americans gather for their favorite fusion foods. You'll find great nachos and other finger foods at Blue Frog, Element Fresh, Franks and Steak and Eggs. Whether you love the authentic, the Tex-Mex or the finger foods, Beijing has something you'll fall in love with!

Amigo is located centrally on Ghost Street and has consistently been ranked one of the best Mexican places in town. You'll love the hefty Margaritas, and the enchiladas are a great value and authentic.

For Tex-Mex, Tim's Texas BBQ is an all-out favorite. You'll find staff dressed in the Texas flag, barn-yard decor and servings that only an American could finish. The beer selection here is affordable and fun.

The Saddle has a great reputation for food and drinks, but the prices are a bit high for whats delivered. Nevertheless, the central location in Sanlitun makes it a favorite for late night dining.

Luga's, like The Saddle, is in Sanlitun and caters to late night eaters and passers by. The bean burrito at Luga's is legendary, and the nachos, though small, are delectable.

Mexican Wave offers a range of cuisines, from pizza to Mexican food and more. The guacamole is infamously good and dangerously delicious. You'll be impressed by the fajitas as well.

For exceptionally great nachos, fajitas and even Mexican-style breakfast burritos, Blue Frog is a surprising but delicious alternative. This American upper class establishment goes for the gold with its Mexican fare, and succeeds.

La Bamba, though located way out in Haidian, offers decent Mexican food and reasonably priced drinks. Its a great hangout, and you'll often see the same folks there every time you visit.

Element Fresh offers a nice selection of Mexican snacks and mains on their otherwise American, health-focused menu. Nachos, burritos and Mexican soups are all featured.

Steak and Eggs is a breakfast favorite, and on Sunday's you'd be hard-pressed to find a seat. But the snack section of the menu does offer a few delicious and reasonably priced Mexican favorites that are well worth a visit.

Frank's place offers a wide selection of bar foods that feature a certain Mexican air. Not the finest Mexican cuisine in town, but then again Frank's is a sports bar!

For everything from fine authentic Mexican to snacks on a pub menu, we've got Beijing's Mexican food down pat!


expert pick

95 Gulou Dongdajie, Dongcheng District

Comforting Mexican food and cheap drinks...
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Tim's Texas BBQ

14 Dongdaqiao Lu (on the corner of Guanghua Lu),

American kitsch and decent Western fare...
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The Saddle

Sanlitun Houjie
Opposite Tongli Studio

Mexican to die for...
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Luga's Villa

7 Sanlitun Beijie (behind 3.3 Shopping Center),

Tasty Mexican food and good drinks...
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Mexican Wave

Dong Da Qiao Road, Across from the Silk Market
Chao Yang District

Not necessarily Mexican...
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Blue Frog

S4-30, 3/F, Bldg 4, The Village at Sanlitun, 19 Sanlitun Lu
The Village at Sanlitun

Trendy bar and family burger restaurant...
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La Bamba

Wudaokou, East gate Huaqing Jiayuan
2/3 F

Cheap drinks and passable Mexican food in Haidian...
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Element Fresh

expert pick

Shop 833, Bldg 8, The Village at Sanlitun, 19 Sanlitun Lu
S8-31, Building 8, The Village at Sanlitun,

Healthy and vibrant American eatery...
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Steak and Eggs

user rating

expert pick

Xiushui Nanjie
Behind the Friendship Store and one light west of the Silk Market

Classic American diner...
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Frank's Place

West of Rosedale Hotel
Lido Area

Long time favorite...
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