Cheap Restaurants in Beijing

Want to enjoy Beijing like a local? Head to the cheap restaurants that dot the city and experience the real deal! The cheap restaurants of Beijing satiate your hunger for surprisingly meager amounts. These fuss-free places also offer the opportunity for excellent people watching. Get ready to dig into Beijing culture through the local cheap food.

The Dong Hua Men Night Market is a great place for cheap food in Beijing as well as a great cultural experience. Here you'll find all variety of meat on a stick, and I do mean all manner of meat. From seahorse to scorpion, snake and baby bird-- you can apparently grill anything! For around $2 a stick, its worth it to try something new as well as have a little adventure while filling you belly.

Dongbeiren is a local favorite. Tasty northern food for tourists and locals alike at an affordable price with amazing value. They are famous for the bread, as well as a few meat and potato dishes.

Little Sheep is an excellent cheap choice for a larger group. Hot Pot done right. You'll get a menu of raw meat and vegetables that you dip into boiling spicy oil and water. A Chinese fondue if you will. In winter, the Little Sheep has a line going out the door, its just that popular.

Russian cuisine can be produced to the finest authentic quality at Traktirr Pushkin, which is famous for its borsh soup and sour cream side. Everything on the menu is decent, and you'll find value in the portions and filling nature of the food.

If you are in Haidian district, then the Golden Peacock is a great cheap choice for dinner. Ethnic food done to perfection at a price so reasonable everyone can enjoy it.

For a cheap pizza and beer, Red House is your ideal stop. The pizzas are delicious, the drinks are affordable and the company is grand-- what more could one ask for?

For a simple afternoon cafe, Sculpting in Time does quite nicely. It has a wonderful reputation and a steady stream of regulars that swear by the pasta and live off the bread.

For a taste of the local Chinese favorites, head to any of the following small eateries: Xibei, Hugosi and Jinshancheng. There you'll be able to satisfy your hunger as well as meet locals and try the authentic, day-to-day grub of Beijing.

Ganges Indian Restaurant

user rating

19 Sanlitun Road
The Village, Building S9-31

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Salt Restaurant

Beijing, China

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The Iron Horse Saloon

Tianbei Rd & Xinyuan 3rd St

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Beijing Taj Pavilion restaurant

Beijing, China

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Beijing Obelisco Argentina Barbecue restaurant

Laiguangying East Rd

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spc coffee

63号 E Zongbu Hutong

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Luomahu Zuodi Rd

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北京市海淀区阜成路101号, China

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144号-184号 De'anmen Waida St

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chao yang district

Beijing, China

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1号 北门仓胡同

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Beijing, China

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mirch masala BYO restaurant

Chāoyáng qū yǎ bǎo lù Rìtán gōngyuán běimén Rìtán shàngjiē 2 hào lóu 130 hào
ya bao lu

best indian curries with BYO...
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Tian Xia Yi Pin

5 Jianguo Men Wai Da Jie
Jianguo Hotel Beijing

Shang Dynasty Cuisine...
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Otto's Restaurant (Richang Cha Canting)

Dong Dan Dajie 72
Inside small alley past a movie theater on east side

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La pizza 1

Solana Shopping Mall Chaoyang Park

Authentic Naples Restaurant all Italian Stuff...
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Press Club Bar

The St. Regis Hotel 21 Jianguomenwai Dajie
Chao Yang

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Jam House Bar

Dongdaqiao Xiejie
South Street of San Li Tun Bar Street

Jam Sessions...
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Loong Bar

JW Marriott Hotel No. 83 Jianguo Road,
Chao Yang

After-hours Haven...
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Cloud Nine Bar

29 Zizhuyuan Road
Shangri-La Hotel

Intimate Luxury in the Shangri-la Hotel...
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