African Restaurants in Shanghai

Unfortunately, Shanghai doesn't have a vast African dining scene. This is a shame because the one authentic African establishment it has, Kaiba, is excellent. shanghai is missing out on a great addition to its international dining realm, and this will hopefully be mended soon. In the meantime, here are some restaurants we think you might like.

Middle Eastern food has some overlap with northern Africa, so Anadolu Restaurant, Istanbul Turkish Restaurant and Anadolu all offer the chance for pork-free dining that includes kebabs, rice, steamed and grilled vegetables, and hummus. All of your Turkish favorites are available in Shanghai.

You can branch out by trying a few Spanish eateries, where you'll find some Moroccan and north African influences. El Gallo, Las Tapas, Kuluska and Hispania all offer delicious Spanish cuisine. You'll find rice dishes you'll love, spicy chicken plates, grilled vegetables and delectable side dishes. In the absence of African restaurants, the Spanish establishments will have to do.

Finally, try your tongue at Cajun food at Bourbon Street. You'll adore the spice, the sea food concoctions and the absolute genius with which items are blended and paired. Another great alternative to African food until Shanghai's African dining scene is expanded.


528 Kangding Lu
Near Xikang Lu

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Anadolu Turkish Restaurant

No 1, 156 Xingye Road
(cross Madang Road)

Original Turkish Food and authentic entertainment...
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Istanbul Turkish Restaurant & Bar

900 Huai Hai Mid Road

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88 Shiji Dadao
Grand Hyatt Hotel Shanghai

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Gallo (El)

1704 Huaihai Zhong Lu

Spanish decor, music, food and atmosphere making this a special treat in Shanghai... read more


HengShan Road 4-7
Near Wulumuqi Road

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Bourbon Street

191 Hengshan Road

New Orleans style cuisine and Cajun treats...
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Las Tapas

Building 259, Hongfeng Road
Jing Qiao

Home of Shanghai's Traditional Spanish Tapas...
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528 Kangding Lu

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2727 Bing Jiang Boulevard
Hotel Barcelo Grand

Fine Spanish dining in a formal setting... read more
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