Chinese Restaurants in Shanghai

Chinese cuisine in Shanghai is easy to find, you've come right to the heart of China's restaurant scene. From Cantonese to Hunan and Sichuan, you'll find a favorite place in Shanghai to appease your need for Chinese food while expanding your definition of Asian cuisine.

Old Shanghai Long Tang is a great restaurant for elegant, traditional Chinese food. You'll get to experience some local favorites as well as national dishes of yesteryear and today.

Old Dong Bei Dumpling has reached perfection in the field of Chinese dumplings. Come for a nibble and stay for a meal-- you'll find a whole new way to carbo-load in Shanghai!

Shanghai Ren Jia is traditional Chinese (Shanghai flavoring) done right. You'll love the every-day atmosphere and low-key staff as well as the moderately priced dishes that represent true Chinese cuisine.

For a really unique treat, Donbei Ren is a northern cuisine specalist with the interior decorated like a propaganda hut from the countryside. You'll find wonderful northern cuisine, mostly wheat based rather than rice based, dishes.

Spectrum Chinese is a chic, modern renovation of traditional Chinese fare. Great atmosphere, fun people and the color spectrum well represented in the food.

For Southern Chinese food, Canton offers spice, texture and sauces you wouldn't find up north, while in XinTianDi, Crystal Jade is representing a different aspect of southern cooking in their dumplings, noodles and lovely sides.

For two healthier options, Mao Ming Lu Hot Pot is a great place to dump raw eats into a steaming pot of water and oil. You can expect your food before its cooked right at your own table! And if that isn't healthy enough, Zentral helps you keep it all natural with their wild menu of nature's delights.

Old Shanghai Long Tang Restaurant

201 Caoxi Bei Lu
Near Nandan Rd

Ancient Luxury that is traditionally Shanghaiese...
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Old Dong Bei Dumpling Restaurant

35 Anxi Road

Lame decor and bland atmosphere but excellent food...
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Shanghai Ren Jia

user rating

41 Yunnan Zhong Lu
by Yan An Lu

Home cooking...
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Dongbei Ren

user rating

expert pick

1 Shanxi Nan Road

Traditional Northern Chinese cuisine with austere atmosphere and fun service...
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Spectrum Chinese Restaurant

2588 West Yan'an Road
Millenium Hongqiao Hotel

Top Chinese Restaurant for Shanghai Cuisine...
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88 Century Boulevard, Jin Mao Tower
Grand Hyatt Shanghai

Fine dining inside Shanghai's most famous building with panoramic views...
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Crystal Jade Restaurant (Xin Tian Di)

user rating

expert pick

2-7 2nd Floor, 123 Xin Ye Lu, South Block Xintiandi
Near Madang Lu

Authentic Cantonese delights famous with locals and tourists for the friendly atmosphere...
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Mao Ming Lu Hot Pot Place

178 Mao Ming Road South

24 hour hot pot in low-key decor great any time of day or night...
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Zentral Healthy Eatery

3717 Hong Mei Road, (corner of Yan An Road) 3717 Hong Mei Rd 3717 Hong Mei Road
Pearl City Building, No. 8

Attention! Health freaks!...
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Bi Feng Tang

user rating

1333 Nanjing Xi Lu

Famous dim sum on Shanghai's busiest pedestrian lane...
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